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BLOG OR WEBSITE? The Option That Is Best For Me
I have this unhealthy habit of changing my site to a blog, then a blog to once again a site and starting over is slowly consuming me. For years, it was a difficult task for me to maintain all these sites. Updates took longer than usual and the process was very tough. A busy schedule and personal problems forced me to abandon everything... NOW, it is time to do some cleaning and freshen the look.
Blogs are best when you have a topic that compels you to write fresh information on a consistent basis. It's time consuming for me, so I am heading in the direction of a website instead. With websites, you have more control of your site's layout because it's easier to work directly with the code. A Blog or a Website? There's no right or wrong answer to this. Which one you start with depends on you.

My Calendar Books will be on this site for you to purchase. They are about my memories of yesterday, joys of today and dreams of tomorrow... we all know that the "Past is Always Present".
We all have a story to tell, so memories are to precious to store in a box. We live and experience life. My books will provide a place for my stories and the opportunities to precious photos and anything else which interest me and might interest other people as well. You will be able to read what life was like in the past for Steven: whether it was recent events or of his earlier days and beyond.
Trying to work on this website everyday can be quite the challenge, especially now that I am creating calendars. I've noticed that if I miss a day, I discovered that the world doesn't end. What a shocking revelation... who knew? So I have decided not to drop a line every day but rather every week (hopefully) when I have something worth ventilating and then see where things go from there.