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Meet Jack Cool

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Jack Cool is from K-Lee Radio and the man who interviewed Tony, the writer and director of Charles – A Chucky Fan Film. Now who is Jack Cool…
This is what I’ve found so far: “I’m an Internet Radio Deejay. I have been doing Internet Radio since 2001. We would be here all day if I was to name all the Internet Stations but if you ask me, I will tell you this, I love Pepsi, coffee, my friends and special friends. I love to dance with the ladies. I also believe in God and I also put other peoples’ feelings first before I put my own and yes, my real name is Jimmie but my friends call me Jack”.
Wow, he loves Pepsi, now that’s my kind of guy.
During the interview, Jack asked questions about the movie Charles and this character’s twisted world. This film is basically a straightforward horror flick. With the help of Shannon Morris, the voice of Charles, Jack is impressed about how good of a job he is doing of making Chucky creepy as hell again. There is also a conversation about Tiffany, played by this amazing actress Rosi Jegani. I guess their love for one another is just that strong to survive any homicidal tendencies Chucky has. There is also a conversation about the character named Eddie Caputo, remember him in Child’s Play. It all boils down to this, Chucky definitely has his mojo back and he doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.
If you want to hear the whole interview, check out what else they had to say about the movie in the podcast below:
Jack Cool’s Interview With Tony Bizz, Director Of Charles, Coming In 2020

There is 12 days and 20 hours until Christmas… but hey, who’s counting. Why I love Christmas? Well, the meanings of this wonderful holiday are many. We all know that Christmas is both a holiday and a holy day and I have so many reasons loving it. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, not just my favorite holiday, mind you, but my favorite time of the year period. It’s not just the presents, although I do love buying them and receiving presents isn’t bad either. There is just something about this season, this time of year. It’s the atmosphere that makes Christmas my all-time favorite.
Now where would the joy of Christmas be without the Holiday Yule Log Videos? Afterall, it is a cultural phenomenon and there are nearly over 100,000 on YouTube alone. While perusing this video sharing website, I came across this Holiday Horror Yule Log, which definitely made my day. Now take this classic scene from Child’s Play, add the internet and bingo, you see Chucky burning alive over and over again in this Yule Log. Now you can watch this evil toy doll finally getting what he deserves even when you’re not watching any of his movies. Thank you ShotgunZen for giving me a peaceful night’s sleep to the sound of some warm, crackling goodness to keep me merry and bright. You are certainly a clever internet citizen and a good guy…
Seven hours of Chucky burning is definitely the perfect Holiday Horror Yule Log. So just turn on your computer and get yourself cozy this Christmas… I do have to admit that there are some days I really, really love the internet.
Chucky Roasting On An Open Fire

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Nightmarecript YouTuber

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I would like to talk about this YouTube Channel named, Nightmarecript. It is owned and operated by Romeo M. Devinyard Ortega, who is an aspiring writer and director. He is also a Chucky and Horror YouTuber and leader of The Sinister Posse!
He is a huge supporter and a good friend of Tony and The Team. Romeo has a lot of promotional videos about Charles and in his latest one, he talks about how you can purchase a Curse Of Chucky GOODGUYS Doll that has been screen used in the movie CHARLES. This doll sure is a great buy and a must have. Also, the reason why this film is still not done filming and some behind the scene photos. He creates awesome videos and shares useful information about each one of them. He certainly understands our love for everything dark. So come and take a look at his channel and subscribe to join The Sinister Posse Family and become a Slasher!
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Screen Used Doll For Sale & First Look At Tiffany!

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Message From Tony

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Tony announced on his Indiegogo Page that the Official Trailer Of Charles will be coming soon. This film impressed a lot of people and for a good reason – it’s amazing! This will be a fan-made trailer, a tribute to the legendary Chucky. This film will be showcasing Charles dark origin story. It is a labor of love for all those involved and a gift to the fans.

Sorry everyone for being late writing this entry but it has been a busy time, especially now that Christmas is just around the corner. But I am here now, so let’s continue with the second photo. Oh no Tony, what are you doing? Seriously, having a staring contest with your son? By looking at those piercing, haunting blues, you have to stay focused. All you are doing is fight fire with fire and afterall, Charles is skilled in the art of staring you down. He will beat you in a staring contest any day of the week. This is proof that even though he is a doll, Charles has a death star and he is certainly a smiling devil straight out of a horror flick. In each one of Chucky’s movies, he has that wild crazy expression of a serial killer. So do not trust that fake smile of that doll.
Charles is a piece of plastic, with a mop of hair which of course, has an evil human behind it. This doll was just a shell, until the Lakeshore Strangler Charles Lee Ray took over. If you look down into it, look into its eyes, it just stares, which is very unsettling. This doll was hallow inside and that space needed to be filled – with pure evil… This rubber psychopath doesn’t really frighten me so much but it certainly creeps me out.
I will keep you posted as soon as I hear something…

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