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Charles – The Chucky Doll

Written on October 8, 2019   By   in Filming



Charles Lee Ray, also known as Chucky, a Good Guy Doll, was brought back to life. This toy was aimed at young children by Play Pals Toys, the famous Toy Company in the Chucky series. The original doll is advertised to say three sentences, “Hi, I’m Chucky and I’m your friend ’till the end! Hi-de-ho, ha-ha-ha!”, move its head and blink its eyes.

Their new line of dolls called Good Guys was based on an animated children’s television show, which revolved around the main character going on adventures with lonely kids. These dolls were famous for their exceptional robotics and interactive software that provides a full spectrum interactive feature like speaking and learning between the dolls and their owners. The show was a huge success that it produced the dolls with accessories, breakfast cereal and more…

All right, what is going on here. It seems that Michael is angry at Tony about something and I am sure Charles has everything to do with this. We all know his son is far from being innocent. Charles is a talking doll with sufficient creepiness from the very start.

Awe, look at this – picture perfect… Tony and Charles bonding. I am sure his son has his moments, I mean a lot of them. Kids are kids afterall, right! Well, not this one. He is definitely not a child but the world’s creepiest doll with the soul of an evil serial killer… who has a fixation with death. Need I say more?

Sometimes a doll can be unsettling and terrifying because of its simplicity and Charles is exactly that sort of doll. At first, people are not aware of the doll’s sinister nature until the murdering finally comes, then it’s to late. Hearing his maniacal laugh and nasty humor made him much to human for me. I know about one thing, Charles will be unleashing a bloodbath in Tony’s horror movie.

Shannon Morris, the voice behind Charles

As we all know by now, the man who voices Charles is none other than Shannon Ray Morris. We have seen both of his performances on video clips and in the recording booth and we can see his dedication in getting his character right. Shannon created this talking, spree-killing doll with only the use of his voice. He crafted this diabolical madness by making every single line his own. Shannon is definitely a natural fit for Charles. He is bringing this iconic killer doll back to life and he will be as evil as ever. The way I see it through his performances, Shannon will be BIG. People might not know about him yet, but they will. He is going to explode in the most ideal manner. I am excited to see this movie Charles but I am extremely excited to see what the future holds for this young actor.
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