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Almost Done Filming

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Whoa, they are really this close to wrap up filming the movie Charles. Weird to think that after a few months in production and the fan-hyped, it is finally coming to an end. Let’s see for more behind the scenes photos…

Here is Mich Francis (Co-Director, Director of Photography, Screenwriter) walking through a scene with Tyler Falcoa as “Michael Miller”. I am sure with good direction from Mitch, we will see a lot of Tyler’s personality shine through his character. I know Tyler wasn’t going to leave that shot until it’s right. Mitch will be giving us jaw-dropping and inspiring shot throughout the movie. He showed touches of his mastery when he created magic in the teaser trailers. He is the person responsible for making “Charles – A Chucky Fan Film” darker and darker and those trailers are a testament to the fact. Mitch Francis has a Midas touch when it comes to the camera. Take a look at his website, Cinemagic Pictures where you will see his brilliant camerawork.
As for Tyler Falcoa, he caught our eye with the movie Charles and could well be making a bid to become major stardom tomorrow. But that is not all he can do. Along with his brother Ryan, check out this video called “Psycho”, which was made eight months ago. All of their songs are written, recorded and produced by Tyler and Ryan. Also, this music video was written and produced by Mitch Francis and his team from Cinemagic Pictures.
Tyler & Ryan – Psycho (Official Music Video)


I see Michael Lawrence (Producer, SFX Artist, Prop Master) working on the set or to be more precise, seems to be fixing “Charles”. I am sure he will be creating a realistic experience for all of us through the use of animatronics. The amount of talent Michael possess to construct this doll is inspiring and being able to create with so few resources is truly incredible. If you’re interested in seeing more of his creations of Charles, take a look at the video below. It’s pretty amazing.
Lawrence SFX Productions


On October 2nd, sometime after twelve, Shannon Morris messaged me saying, “Everything was a big success and he wrapped up that night and preparing to go home the next day”. At the beginning of the production, they recorded his voice first so that the voice matches Charles’ mouth movement. This way it will be easier and more natural looking, then some acting in front of the camera. Now look at this picture, it was his last day on the set. It certainly seems like Tony Bizz, Shannon and Michael Lawrence got along quite well. In fact, they even called themselves the 3 Amigos. You can see the trio goofing off together and they are all BFFs. The crew and cast do care about one another and it makes us jealous that we aren’t in their BFF circle.
Here is Shannon, along with Tyler signing posters of Charles.

A video of them signing.

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