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Charles Loves Halloween

Written on October 29, 2019   By   in Holidays

Why Charles loves Halloween…
Halloween is the only time where you can be weird and nobody will judge you. It is so perfect for Charles! When October comes, he gets excited because he can scare people, although he does that on a regular basis. But on Halloween, he doesn’t need to explain why. He gets all the candies he wants through his victims, without even wasting any of his energy. How can it get better than that for Charles? Aside from all of this, here are more reasons he loves Halloween so much…
Terrifying people, why? because it excites him. Charles is literally in his best mood when that happens.
Again, more candies… and so much of it. What an easy way to pick his victims.
Charles can be himself, so no costumes for him. He doesn’t have to obey the rules and the norms of everyday life, so he can go all out and crazy on Halloween. Now who will stop him for being insane?
To Charles, there is absolutely no better holiday than Halloween. He can relax and be completely himself. This time of year is such a thrill for him. Carving is his specialty, so he creates his best work at that time. Well, Halloween does allow him to express his creativity. In the end, Tony doesn’t have to worry about his son. He breathe a sigh of relief because he knows Charles will be coming home safe and sound.
So, what makes Halloween so special to you?


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