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Written on December 4, 2019   By   in Videos


I would like to talk about this YouTube Channel named, Nightmarecript. It is owned and operated by Romeo M. Devinyard Ortega, who is an aspiring writer and director. He is also a Chucky and Horror YouTuber and leader of The Sinister Posse!
He is a huge supporter and a good friend of Tony and The Team. Romeo has a lot of promotional videos about Charles and in his latest one, he talks about how you can purchase a Curse Of Chucky GOODGUYS Doll that has been screen used in the movie CHARLES. This doll sure is a great buy and a must have. Also, the reason why this film is still not done filming and some behind the scene photos. He creates awesome videos and shares useful information about each one of them. He certainly understands our love for everything dark. So come and take a look at his channel and subscribe to join The Sinister Posse Family and become a Slasher!
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Screen Used Doll For Sale & First Look At Tiffany!

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