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One explanation why some people fear an “evil doll” character, might be because of a repressed memory of a spooky doll they saw when they were small. Well, I happen to be one of them and I have this sneering, pint-size, ginger-haired doll to thank for. I do have this devilish toy in my house but it doesn’t belong to me. The rightful owner is my daughter and wherever she goes, this thing follows her. Thank goodness it doesn’t talk. That’s all I need, having this nightmare demonic plastic murderer, who has a long list of dead babysitters, opening its mouth. Now picture this, what this smart-alec killer doll would say at this time of year, “Since I have a second chance in life, I will start going on a new venture of love and begin spreading cheer and joy throughout this season as a kid’s plaything.” Yeah, right… You would be flipping out as usual and do what you do best, going on this murderous rampage stuff.

Now about this doll moving his mouth and actually hearing him speak, would certainly be a bone-chilling sight. But do not fret, you will be listening to his voice in the movie “Charles”, well, actually, you’ve already heard it from the man himself, Shannon Ray Morris. You will be hearing his ominous commanding voice throughout this film that will chill you deep down inside. While listening to his tone of voice, which is so lordly, he will be convincing us that this movie will summon nightmares, with intense fear. So buckle up everybody because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.
Speaking of Shannon, Jack Cool interviewed him two months ago. Listen to the podcast, which is quite interesting and how enthusiastic this young man is about his craft. It also captures his sheer charisma. Shannon really enjoys a career he believes in and has become comfortable as a major voice in front and behind the camera. Take away an actor’s face and you are left with only a voice, from an extremely talented individual, who has one of the hardest job an entertainer can ask for.
Jack Cool’s Interview With Shannon Ray Morris, As Charles’ Voice


I would like to talk about another talented young man, a YouTuber named Romeo M. Devinyard Ortega. His Nightmarecript Channel is quite interesting with a whole bunch of awesome horror content. He posts a lot of videos about Charles – A Chucky Fan Film to keep the fans informed about how the movie is progressing. Also, he is very creative enough to make his videos entertaining. His reviews are well planned and organized and his latest one is a real treasure trove. It’s his first longest one and certainly worthy of a subscribe. But before peeking at it, I would like to discuss a particular photo in the video. It’s Tony with his son Charles looking outside through a window waiting patiently… Oh wait, let me refresh that. I meant being impatient awaiting for the arrival of the pizza man.
Tony, Tony, you are suppose to set a good example to your son. Your actions and attitudes do have an influence on him. You know how Charles is, so setting a good example, particularly when it comes to being patient waiting for the delivery pizza guy, helps your child to grow and become more independent. But again, we are talking about Charles here and you are certainly not helping. I seriously think your son’s behavior is rubbing off on you. Especially your rant in the video where you pulverized a Chucky doll. Hopefully that wasn’t Charles… Was it because of the pizza you ordered not being delivered on time or wasn’t done to your liking?? People did see your behavior and I love the comment one of Romeo’s subscribers wrote, “The Tony Meme the way Tony smash that Chucky tots doll is the way you would hurt the person if he didn’t get his pizza deliver properly do you get the joke he’s angry because he didn’t get his piece of pizza properly and he smashed the Chucky doll.” This is priceless… Now Tony remember, your son looks up to you, afterall, you are his role model, someone to emulate. I know, teaching good behavior isn’t magic. In your case, you probably need a miracle. My point is as a parent, your goal is to give your child the tools to learn good behavior and it’s really never too late to get these tools. Well, in your situation, all I can say is, good luck…
So everyone, put your headphones, turn off the lights and let me take you to a place of dark imagination, creative work and a good host… Enjoy!
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) | Trailer Coming Soon And Much More…

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