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Losing A Family Member

Written on May 19, 2020   By   in Family

The Charles Family are now grieving and mourning the loss of a wonderful man, William Ray Brown – Shannon Morris’ Father. These two photos were taken before the cancer and covid-19 took his life. You will see William at the hospital, having a conversation through Video Chat with Tony, the Director of Charles. You will be missed… 

Finding the correct words for the loss of a father can be troublesome. It might appear as though nothing can bring comfort in this time of grieving and sadness. If you have found yourself in this position, our deepest condolences. But stay strong because that’s what your father would have wanted. While reading this poem, dedicate these touching words that will come directly from your heart for the person who sacrificed everything for you. Remember, he will be looking down from the heavens above. 
Your Very Own Guardian Angel
By Kelly Roper
The loss of a father
Is a heavy burden to bear.
He’s a source of quiet strength
That is so missed when he’s not there.
Take comfort he’s in Heaven,
And looking down at you.
He’ll be there through the coming years,
Watching over and guiding you.
He’s your very own guardian angel,
And he’ll be with you to the end,
When you meet again in Heaven,
And your broken heart will finally mend.
On Shannon’s Blog there is a tribute to his Father. I made this video to help Shannon and his family celebrate his life and legacy.

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