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Everything Is Good…

Sorry everyone for not writing as much but I was under the weather. At this time of year and in the fall, I always get the seasonal flu. But with everything going on, I decided to go and get tested for the covid-19. Nobody is invisible concerning this nasty virus. Just don’t fall victim to it. I got lucky because my results were NEGATIVE. But there are still people out there who do not take this virus seriously. What will it take to convince you that all this lingering virus will give you is the worse symptoms you will probably ever experience and death. It doesn’t matter anymore whether you are healthy or young and thinking if I get it, it will be mild or just a cold. This virus is real and it will make your life a living hell. The covid-19 takes lives and thinking it could never happen to you, well, the fact of the matter is, you never know. Wake up and look carefully around you because people all over the world are dying from this virus. Stop being so selfish because you can be one of those people who is showing no symptoms and because of it, you are spreading the virus and ending up giving it to the people you love without realizing it. We all need to do our part because this virus is so contagious. Believe me, you are not invisible and like I said, you might be a carrier and if you are, you are like a ticking bomb possibly getting others sick or even worse, destroying lives. Remember this, what we are all trying to do now will certainly determine whether our loved ones and other people we care about are still with us when all of this ends. It will at some point, so be smart and compassionate and do your part so we can get back to our way of life. 
The flu that I had certainly took a toll on me because my body had to use a lot of energy to fight it off. I am finally over It but still weak. I will certainly be back to my old self in no time. Now, let’s get down to business…

WOW, I love this poster. Mike Chibante, Producer and Music Composer for Charles Fan Film, did an amazing job. You are providing a few details just to tease the fans because it is making them wonder what to expect from the series. With all the hype going around with the remarkable trailer, I find this poster consumes itself into the viewer’s memory. Pretty clever…

Can’t wait to see this spine-chilling short horror story. If you are planning to sleep peaceful from now on, forget it because Tony is certainly going to ruin it for you. Rose’s Graveyard Tales, “Mother Rose”, is going to scare you badly and it will make your hair stand on end! The teaser trailer should be coming out soon, so in the meantime, take a peak at this clip and tell me if you still love everything that goes bump in the night.


I have some more exciting news. Edwin Wendler will be part of Rose’s Graveyard Tales. He is an Austrian Composer working in Los Angeles, California. If you want to learn more about this talented man, visit his website, Edwin Wendler Composer. Welcome aboard!

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Face Of Horror


They are relaunching their previous Indiegogo Campaign for the people who missed out on donating for a Blu-Ray, posters and more. This is not a NEW campaign but the continuation from their last Indiegogo. An update will be coming your way soon on when the campaign will be live again. So stay tuned as more details become available.
Here is an original artwork from the storyboard artist Deej O’Connor. He certainly has the ability to tell a story with visuals. Storyboarding is an art all its own, which combines drawing and illustrating with of course storytelling. If you want to learn more about this talented artist, check out his Facebook Page.
Here is another artist @mthm77. Check out his Instagram Page and take a look at his paintings. Believe me, figuring out how to catch a terrifying scene and then showing it to us with an upsetting but yet beautiful image, takes talent, real talent. He just brings our nightmares to life. Check it out and see for yourself.

I hope everyone is staying safe!

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Amazing YouTube Channels

What an exciting week this has been. First, an awesome clip from the movie Charles. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at it now… 


 If you really listen to it carefully, during the possession, you can faintly hear Charles yelling in the background as Michael (played by Tyler Falcoa) is trying to resist the possession. When he yells at the end, again you can hear Charles as well. Brilliant, I just love it. Damn I just can’t wait to see the whole thing. I know this movie will be mind-boggling. Great work guys! If you want more information about the Charles Fan Film, check out their Facebook Page.
On NIGHTMARECRIPT Channel, owned by Romeo Ortega, there are two videos. The first one is, NEW Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Sneak Peek Clip, Neca & TOTS Chucky Dolls Updates & MORE! He talks about different things but most of it is about Chucky. He delivered information about other Chucky dolls and much more. Then, you will see his reaction to the Charles clip. He has that impressed look on his face and at the same time looking forward to this nerve-frying horror film. 

The second one is, Charles (Chucky Fan Film) First Look At Charles Lee Ray, “Possession” Clip Breakdown & MORE! Oh my god, this video is a must see and I highly recommend it. His breakdown of the clip is so thorough, then he starts focusing on Mitch Francis, another director of Charles Movie. He gives some tips on how to become a great director, such as, the three important skills about directing. He calls it the – 3 C’S OF DIRECTING. This is so interesting and amazing and if you want to know more about this young and talented Director, check out his YouTube Channel – Mitch Francis. You will see a lot of his genius directing skills.  


Another video by Damn Dude Industries owned by Joshua Bates. He also talks about different subjects but it is all connected to Chucky. Love his reaction to the Charles Clip and you can see a sense of excitement in the fact he can’t wait to see the movie. Also, he is certainly a big fan of Mike Chibante’s music. I’m with him on that one because Mike is a master for creating a musical signature for Charles Fan Film. He is able to cross bounderies and of course, he keeps connecting with listeners from all walks of life. Do look at this video because Joshua has the ability to express himself in a whole new way.

These two Youtubers are extraordinary. They can sit down in front of their video or web cameras and talk about anything, then they upload their videos to their channels to share their opinions with the world. Their audiences can get a taste of the terror in store for them and undoubtedly be waiting anxiously to see what creepy creation will be coming up next. Don’t take my word for it, come and find out for yourself. I recommend checking them out…
As for the new Charles Poster, go to Shannon Morris’ blog… 



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