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Time And Patience


We all know the Charles Fan Film is well underway. Filming is almost done and of course, let’s not forget getting through the editing. By putting everything together, with the appropriate music and effects will make this film as we envision it. It’s about the end result we are looking forward to. Yes, I know we can hardly wait to see the movie, which is normal but at the same time, we have to be patient though. It’s in the hands of these talented people behind this fim, so this project is bound to become an absolute must-see.
I’ve been a huge supporter of Tony and his crew from the very beginning and in my opinion, any type of art is good art and creating a fan film is usually a positive experience for everyone involved. That being said, this will be a good fan film, because afterall, Tony is bringing back the OLD Chucky and if you are a fan of the Chucky movies, you will be very happy with the final product of this film. It will be every bit as violent and bloody as you’d expect from a horror movie and at the same time, it will catch the audience off guard. This fan film seems to hint that we’ll get a much deeper plunge into the creepy depths of the Chucky movies. This film deals with something far more ominous and it definitely invokes curiosity, which indicates this movie is special and well worth the wait. So, whenever a movie attempts to delve into the darkest personality of a person onscreen, I generally think that it’s intriguing. I find Charles – A Chucky Fan Film is a well deserved addition to the “Chucky” universe.
Trust me, this movie will be compelling, unsettling and totally unforgettable. With the teaser trailers, it already scared the pants off you without showing anything, except how truly evil Charles is. If you have no interest seeing this movie, you need to reevaluate your life! Everyone is anxious to see the finished product but the bottom line is this, making a movie is no quick and easy task. Believe in their talents and skills and they will deliver what they can deliver. That’s the “key” right? Afterall, they are creative, reliable and capable of doing anything. Because it takes a lot of patience to be patient, let’s try to be extra patient just for a little while longer. So live, laugh and wait for this miracle to happen. As the saying goes, “patience is a virtue”…


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More Movie Set Photos



You have all seen some interesting behind-the-scenes photos of the film “Charles” and now, here are more pictures from the movie…

Michael Miller (portrayed by none other than Tyler Falcoa), is an elementary school teacher and seems to be carrying a box in the basement of his new home. Where is Charles? or by the look on his face, he could have just discovered this evil-doer.

Of what I can see here, Michael has that “worried” look. A look of what to do about this doll, this very persistent doll, who is also a very human serial killer. Charles full intention is to put an end to peace and is doing a hell of a good job about it to.

Who are you looking for Detective Norris? Everyone knows Charles is evil personified. We also know he commits murder for no actual reason except that he is nothing more than pure evil. He occasionally murders his victims in elaborate and inventive ways, so I hope you will not become one of his latest casualty. I can see that Charles is typically biding his time to stalk and sneak up on Detective Norris (played by Ray Falcoa) before making him his next victim. The bottom line is CHARLES’ rage is what drives him and has no remorse for his actions. I am rooting for you Detective Norris because of your ability and knowledge you are applying as an investigator and trying to bring this sinister force to justice.

The usual phrase, “What’s in the basement?”

This thing is what’s in the basement. And now a photo I took at home…

Before going down the dungeon, my daughter Jennifer said, “Mom, what’s in the basement?” Well, here it is, lo and behold… this thing staring at me. There is something about the blank stare and the fact that he lurks in the shadows and can appear out of nowhere that makes this character so unsettling. And then, there is this…

A photo from “Charles the movie”, the one below is…

At my house, no difference here… except for the bloody footprints from the previous photo. I am hoping I will not start hearing the creepy pitter patter of his little feet because I will know he is shifting his way around the house. Then and only then, I will start worrying…
Be sure to check in regularly to see what is going on behind-the-scenes of Charles, the movie.

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Charles – The Chucky Doll



Charles Lee Ray, also known as Chucky, a Good Guy Doll, was brought back to life. This toy was aimed at young children by Play Pals Toys, the famous Toy Company in the Chucky series. The original doll is advertised to say three sentences, “Hi, I’m Chucky and I’m your friend ’till the end! Hi-de-ho, ha-ha-ha!”, move its head and blink its eyes.

Their new line of dolls called Good Guys was based on an animated children’s television show, which revolved around the main character going on adventures with lonely kids. These dolls were famous for their exceptional robotics and interactive software that provides a full spectrum interactive feature like speaking and learning between the dolls and their owners. The show was a huge success that it produced the dolls with accessories, breakfast cereal and more…

All right, what is going on here. It seems that Michael is angry at Tony about something and I am sure Charles has everything to do with this. We all know his son is far from being innocent. Charles is a talking doll with sufficient creepiness from the very start.

Awe, look at this – picture perfect… Tony and Charles bonding. I am sure his son has his moments, I mean a lot of them. Kids are kids afterall, right! Well, not this one. He is definitely not a child but the world’s creepiest doll with the soul of an evil serial killer… who has a fixation with death. Need I say more?

Sometimes a doll can be unsettling and terrifying because of its simplicity and Charles is exactly that sort of doll. At first, people are not aware of the doll’s sinister nature until the murdering finally comes, then it’s to late. Hearing his maniacal laugh and nasty humor made him much to human for me. I know about one thing, Charles will be unleashing a bloodbath in Tony’s horror movie.

Shannon Morris, the voice behind Charles

As we all know by now, the man who voices Charles is none other than Shannon Ray Morris. We have seen both of his performances on video clips and in the recording booth and we can see his dedication in getting his character right. Shannon created this talking, spree-killing doll with only the use of his voice. He crafted this diabolical madness by making every single line his own. Shannon is definitely a natural fit for Charles. He is bringing this iconic killer doll back to life and he will be as evil as ever. The way I see it through his performances, Shannon will be BIG. People might not know about him yet, but they will. He is going to explode in the most ideal manner. I am excited to see this movie Charles but I am extremely excited to see what the future holds for this young actor.
More to come, so check back soon…

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