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Tony announced on his Indiegogo Page that the Official Trailer Of Charles will be coming soon. This film impressed a lot of people and for a good reason – it’s amazing! This will be a fan-made trailer, a tribute to the legendary Chucky. This film will be showcasing Charles dark origin story. It is a labor of love for all those involved and a gift to the fans.

Sorry everyone for being late writing this entry but it has been a busy time, especially now that Christmas is just around the corner. But I am here now, so let’s continue with the second photo. Oh no Tony, what are you doing? Seriously, having a staring contest with your son? By looking at those piercing, haunting blues, you have to stay focused. All you are doing is fight fire with fire and afterall, Charles is skilled in the art of staring you down. He will beat you in a staring contest any day of the week. This is proof that even though he is a doll, Charles has a death star and he is certainly a smiling devil straight out of a horror flick. In each one of Chucky’s movies, he has that wild crazy expression of a serial killer. So do not trust that fake smile of that doll.
Charles is a piece of plastic, with a mop of hair which of course, has an evil human behind it. This doll was just a shell, until the Lakeshore Strangler Charles Lee Ray took over. If you look down into it, look into its eyes, it just stares, which is very unsettling. This doll was hallow inside and that space needed to be filled – with pure evil… This rubber psychopath doesn’t really frighten me so much but it certainly creeps me out.
I will keep you posted as soon as I hear something…

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Sad News And Updates


I would like to pay tribute to legendary horror actor Sid Haig. I remember watching one of his movies called, “The Devil’s Rejects” and he played the character “Captain Spaulding”. This film is deliberately disgusting, with a subversive sense of humor. If you are a hardened horror movie fan, then you will appreciate this film. This movie is a very dark satire and if you do look at it, pause for a moment and think of director Rob Zombie’s signature material… his artistic vision because no one can do what he does, no one can touch it… Sid Haig is the reason I watched this movie and with Rob Zombie as the director, I knew then there would be good writing and acting going on in this film.

Sid Haig, the tall, bald and bearded is an icon of the horror genre. The impact he made in so many different horror movies cannot be ignored. Each of his motion pictures required him to extend a wide range of emotions, so that is why he was bound to play in horror films. This accomplished actor has delivered memorable performances, which left us stunned, mesmerized and entertained. Sid Haig will be greatly missed but we will never forget the legacy the actor left behind in movies.

Here is a photo of Shannon Morris with Cult Figure Sid Haig. He was a man who brought us great entertainment and we will forever treasure the wonderful characters he artfully depicted on films. He may be gone but he will live forever through his movies…


This is Day 4 of filming the movie “Charles”. Oh my, look at this photo and what do you see… An innocent doll still in its box but not this one. He is just waiting for the right moment to flee the scene and go on a murderous rampage. With “Killer Dolls” in classic horror movies, the legacy of Chucky is the most scariest one of the bunch. This Cherubic Ginger Doll (saw this name online and I thought it was funny). The perfect name for Charles? Hell no… he is a straight-out-of-hell-kind of murderous evil residing in a Good Guys Doll (I also got this phrase while surfing the web for more photos… geez, I better start being more creative here). Let’s see… everytime I look at this creepy doll who grins at me sinisterly… no, no, no thank you… I just want to close the door and run away.

What??? Look at this… Shannon Morris, Michael Lawrence and Tony Bizz on a Friday night eating a pizza and not even sharing? How rude… Uh-huh, taking a break… Now that I am looking at the photo more closely, Tony, where is Charles? Leaving him alone… again!! I am talking about a seriously terrifying creature on the loose here…
Venting like this, is it meant to be this exhausting? Ok, I am taking a break and I will be back here to do it all over again and again and again… if you get my drift!

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Important Notice!

Sorry everyone for being so late in keeping you informed on what is going with Tony Bizz Productionz. Sometimes it can be hard to find enough time in the day but needless to say, here I am…
I have been doing both sites, Tony Bizz Films and this Blog from the ground up. It’s taking a little more time than I thought it would but hopefully both will be fully functional soon. So just bear wih me a little while longer. Believe me, it will be worth it, I promise!
It’s been an incredibly busy few days but I’ve been working hard to improve these sites, to make it easier to find everything you want to know about the Tony Bizz Productionz. I may not be the most technologically competent person in the world (would be an understatement) but I am trying to make this BLOG and the SITE look more interesting for all of you FANS out there. This is an opportunity for me to start out fresh and still share what you want to know about the Tony Bizz Productionz – just in a different way!

I will continue to improve this BLOG, as well as working hard on the TONY BIZZ FILMS because the bottom line is, as my life, these sites are a work in progress… and I like it this way! I hope you will come over and visit often because I think, over time, there will be some fun and interesting things going on and I want ALL of you to be part of it.

“There is no such thing as a mistake, only new possibilities!”


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