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Written on April 12, 2020   By   in Events


 This post is about the negativity Tony and his team are getting from their Indiegogo Campaigns. I do not blame any of you for taking your precautions and it can be scary, especially giving money to strangers. We truly want to believe that the Internet is a safe place where you can’t fall to a wide range of online scams but unfortunately, we can become an easy target from these malicious people. I know because I fell victim to one of them. It’s devastating and it’s embarrassing and so out-of-the-blue unexpected but I didn’t let them take over my life, so I do understand the reason why you are being cautious. I know my experience happened after I got involved in this project but all I can say is I trust Tony and his team. You do not have to take my word for it. Do your research! Go on these individuals websites, social media and better yet, google it. Type in their project and the creator and look up what others have to say about them on the web. If they have a history of malicious intent, you’ll be likely to find it. There is nothing wrong in voicing your concerns and you should, just ask them or anyone else involved in this project, backers and fans because I am sure they will take the time to address your concerns. Believe me, Tony and his team understand where you are coming from and your voices are being heard.

 Now the reason they had a second Indiegogo Campaign. We all know you can have as many campaigns for the same project as you want, so they found it easier to break their goal down in smaller pieces. The first one was for the filming and production and the second is for post-production and distribution. And yes, there is also a reason for a third one and it’s because of the covid-19, which has impacted millions of lives throughout the world. This outbreak is difficult for everyone and Tony and his team always gave updates and were upfront about how they care for their backers’ feelings and appreciated their support. Since the second campaign had run its course, they will launch the third one to continue with the Post Production cost once the Covid-19 is settled and we can basically return a little bit more to normal.
All I can say is people with little information can form strong opinions, so do your homework before you respond in any way. When accusations are not true, people are in a situation similar to being bullied and the devastation can be ruinous. So think twice before you speak.
I wrote all of this in the middle of the night. There is so much going on at the present time and it finally weighs on me, as I am sure it is doing the same to some of you. I stopped watching the news because the media’s job is to push fear. Now we are experiencing anxiety and worry because we think the world is falling apart. But try to find comfort in things that will satisfy you and be happy during these trying times. I do find comfort in knowing we have professionals who are putting forth a valiant effort to help everyone they can. All of this is temporary, so be compassionate and patient. We are all in this together, so please stay safe and healthy everyone. Take care of yourselves, your family and your loved ones…
Oh, I almost forgot, just in time for Easter. Jennifer put some bunny ears on her Chucky doll. Going on a trendy look with these pink ears. Let’s see, stuffed bunny, wearing bunny ears and with that smile without a care in the world, I mean come on, what more could you want from a Spring photoshoot?


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Practical Tips From Charles

Written on March 30, 2020   By   in News


Before going any further, he has a few words about the Hoarders out there… 

 YOU PATHETIC COWARDS, get a grip will you! Believe me, hoarding, especially toilet paper will not save you from the Coronavirus. When I saw the empty shelves, I lost it. You all know who you truly are… it’s disgusting, it’s bullshit and it’s dangerous! This is not doomsday assholes, so what the hell is wrong with all of you? When you start panicking, you create a darkness in your soul. At least this is normal for me because I am just EVIL, so why are you putting yourself in the same category as yours truly? The Covid-19 is not a SHIT disease, get it! I have a message for these despicable people, “Your day to die has come. Watch your back because I will be lurking in the shadows and once I get you, the toilet paper is mine…” I am not asking but telling all of you to STOP HOARDING THE TOILET PAPER! Remember what I always say…

All right everybody, listen up:
RULE #1 
Stay healthy by washing your hands regularly, for 20 seconds with warm water and soap. You can use a full pump of hand sanitizer (don’t get me started on this one) if some facilities of proper handwashing are not available…

RULE #2 
Avoid close contact with people by keeping a distance of at least 2 arms-length (approximately 2 meters) from others.
“Ok Diane, I know you are Canadian but please will you for F**K sake speak my language!”
“Sorry, the length is approximately 6 feet.”
“Now you’re talking, do better next time will you?”


STAY HOME because it helps reduce the spread of the illness. Get it you messed up morons! If you do not abide by this rule, I will pay you a f**g visit, so go ahead, make my day…


Be sure your information is coming from a trusted source, such as myself. These are just basic rules, so if you want more tips for staying healthy, you can find it online. Remember, STOP hoarding because there are other people around you. If you do not comply, you will die, not of the illness but by my hands. Your death will be very slow and unique, so you better think twice before being one of the worse people on this planet. CHUCKY HAS SPOKEN…


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Indiegogo Campaign

Written on March 17, 2020   By   in News


 Please donate to the CHARLES FAN FILM – POST PRODUCTION, so you can own a Blu-ray’s copy of this extraordinary movie. There is a lot of different perks you can choose from, including this NEW Producer Edition Poster, only available through this campaign. This is your very last chance, ACT NOW and be part of this amazing family. Let’s help them achieve their goal, so they can start making a living doing what they love and do best.

 Once you own this movie, you will be able to see these talented actors over and over again. Now let’s start with Morgan Silva who plays “Samantha Davis”. Actresses who are born with beauty will get quickly rewarded and become famous in the industry in the blink of an eye. This is what is happening to this beautiful young lady. With beauty together and hard work is somewhat more special. She has the gorgeous look, skill and talent mixed in right proportion. So look for her in the near future because she will inspire you to become a talented young actress just like her.
And now, drum roll please… here is Tyler Falcoa as “Michael Miller” and his father Ray Falcoa, who plays the role of “Detective Norris”. This is an amazing and gifted family. Tyler, along with his brother Ryan are super talented but before all of this was happening in their lives, they were just like anyone else fighting to make their dreams come true. Look at them now, watch their YouTube Channel and I guarantee you will love them that much more!

 Gees Ray, what are you up to? You do know you have to watch your back because of a certain evil doll that will turn your dreams into nightmares. What is amazing about this man is he is actually a detective, so we already recognize and admire this role he is playing. He is all about justice and he does whatever a man needs to do… quietly and calmly. It shows how he is holding himself, moves and deals with situations where he’s gotta kick some ass. Just looking at him deal with what is going on, the pressure and problems is like watching him move with the precision of a finely-tuned machine. Ray Falcoa, you are really great and I give my salute to you and all the other actors. You have certainly won me over. Oh by the way Charles, for god’s sake, leave his family alone.
You see, by purchasing this movie, you will be giving Tony and his team room to pursue their creative project but also, you will be helping these actors work on their dreams and use it to build their career. Please help them meet their goals and donate… 

Please use The Chat Box for any questions you may have or comments, which are important. Do voice your opinions.


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