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Step By Step – Part One

Written on December 30, 2019   By   in Videos

If you thought the original Chucky movies were amazing, you need to check out “Charles” Official Trailer. I saw the premiere of “Charles” on Friday and it really featured this group of people’s great talents. They are probably giving (if not already) Don Mancini a run for his money.
This film is a deadset one-of-a-kind horror movie and it is already building a path towards a brighter future for the cast and crew. What makes this film genuine is the team’s driving force, which kept them moving in the right direction. Believe me, we haven’t seen the last of Tony and his team, not in a long shot…
Of what I’ve seen from the trailer so far, it is so meticulously constructed. Each scene and every little detail is there for a reason and it all paid off splendidly at the end. Now let’s go through step by step to make sure we don’t miss a single shot.

 At the very beginning, we see Detective Norris (played by Ray Falcoa) walking through a factory of some sorts and seems to pick up a trail of a murderer. Now I wonder who that is!! The detective seems to have taken on a case but realized that catching the killer is not as easy as it seems. This scene is intense because he knows something is wrong and decides to get to the heart of the matter by any means possible.
 You will notice there is a lot of quick, intriguing glimpses of images throughout the video. The first ones are of Charles but before you get to see the brisk pictures, you will start hearing the Damballa Chant, performed by none other than Shannon Morris. If you specifically pay heed to his ominous voice, it will send chills down your spine. And as for the images, they are brief but it’s enough to keep us sated for awhile.
 And now about this cute couple, Tyler Falcoa as “Michael Miller” and Morgan Silva as “Samantha Davis”. Everything seems to be going smoothy until they discover a Good Guy Doll in the basement of their new home. In the meantime, another quick look of a person sitting with a bloody hand. It could be Detective Norris but more likely to be Michael. Whoever he is, he is probably being tortured by Charles. Now, when Samantha took out the doll from its box, all hell broke loose…
 Samantha finds an amulet of some sort and strange things begin to happen. Then you hear someone talking, probably an officer saying the couple are living in the same house as Charles Lee Ray who was a suspect of a murder a few years back. Another voice can be heard saying Charles is dead… While all of this is going on, more images appearing quickly and yes, there she is – Tiffany played by Rosi Jegani. She seems to be slapping someone. Hmm, being a bad girl again Tiff!
I will post Part 2 sometime tomorrow or on New Year’s Eve, in the meantime, check out Romeo Ortega’s video below. He was already excited about the movie “Charles” but when he saw the official trailer, his excitement level went ski high. Take a look at his reaction…
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Official Trailer REACTION!

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Finally, It’s Here

Written on December 27, 2019   By   in Videos

Nothing excites me more then being able to share the Official Trailer of Charles with all of you! I know it will be one of the scariest horror movies of 2020. It will certainly tickle your fancy but at the same time, it will tingle your spine! So what are you waiting for? Check out this creepy trailer for Charles – A Chucky Fan Film…

The Official Trailer Of Charles – A Chucky Fan Film


For the past few months, there has been teaser trailers and behind the scene photos to showcase this amazing movie, but they have not shown much of the film which was probably a smart thing to do. But now, we get to see more of the movie and it looks incredible! They all wanted to get involved in this project because it’s another creative outlet for them. They inspire people and they can certainly make you think out of the box. They help you to have more faith in yourself and search for the bright side regardless of what is happening in your life.
When I looked at this trailer, the talented crew and cast have duplicated what made the original CHUCKY movies so much fun and love to watch. This film brings a scary story to life, which means everyone involved are doing this for a love of the original movies. Now it’s all here, in this very moment, when they shared this trailer, the creative team delivered something creepy and genuinely terrifying. It is done so well that you would never think this was done on such a low budget. This film definitely evokes the same horror that the original CHUCKY movies brought and that makes this a definite winner to me. Now when you get to see the whole feature film, make it a fright-night because this way, it will be more epic.

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Official Trailer Tomorrow

Written on December 26, 2019   By   in Videos

Now you can open your eyes because the Official Trailer of Charles is now in the Director’s hands as we speak…

So stay tuned because we can expect something extraordinary from it…

Today, director Tony Bizz has announced the official trailer for Charles – A Chucky Fan Film will be arriving for your viewing pleasure tomorrow at 6:30 pm Eastern Time. Below is the promo video boasting tomorrow’s trailer. I can’t wait to check out even more footage this Friday. How excited are YOU for the CHARLES trailer?
Promo Video Of Charles – A Chucky Fan Film

Tomorrow, 6:30pm est, the #CharlesMovie official trailer is dropping! Tag two friends below who need to see it 🔪

Posted by CHARLES – Fan Film on Thursday, December 26, 2019


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