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The Good Guys Doll

Written on November 14, 2019   By   in Videos


We all know Chucky is one of the most iconic horror film characters of all time. And making him a murderer and a psychopath doll that terrorises everyone who crosses his path, is quite disturbing. Looking at the picture above, you will see the doll is different from the others. We all know it is one of Michael Lawrence amazing creations. Each of his dolls are different and it starts with the one in the bright yellow box, written on it, “He wants you for a best friend”. But what is inside the box tells another story, one that is masterfully designed but yet, absolutely sinister. This doll is far from being innocent… His icy blue eyes draws you in and Charles gazes at you menacingly behind the clear plastic in front of the display box. Now we all know he will never lose a staring contest anytime soon, so you might as well start looking somewhere else.

By opening the box, you will see a 15-inch doll of terror. His attire is right on par, with a sweatshirt in the colors of the rainbow, underneath denim coveralls with the legs rolled up, showing red running shoes. And that head of hair hardly goes unnoticed. His bright orange mop is soft to the touch and smooth, until he starts his brutal killing sprees, which of course will make it messy. Remember this, freeing Charles from this plastic prison and holding him up close, well not to close from the eyes because afterall he is good in stabbing in that area if he gets the chance. Looking at those lifelike eyes, just thinking about it gives me the hibby jibbies, indicates that this murderous doll will become alive and start choking whoever is holding him. Although everything is put together impressively in the box, it’s really Charles’ diabolical ways that will get everyone’s attention.
Having a Good Guys box, with images of this cute red-haired doll smiling, makes you curious enough to open it and unleash this sadistic menace who has no trouble slashing people up. But what really makes this doll come to life is his vocal cords…
The chilling vocal performance, to Charles’ twisted giggling is none other than Shannon Morris. He might not have control of his character’s facial expressions and body language but he certainly makes up for it with his snarling, furious voice. He is giving this merchant of death a sinister and menacing personality we hoped for and made this character believable and creepier as a result. This mop of red hair talking doll’s chilling voice certainly counts as a weapon all on its own. Check out the video below of Shannon voicing Charles, which was on Full Instagram Live Stream…
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Shannon Morris Voicing Chucky Lines
As Chucky says, “You know what they say, you just can’t keep a Good Guy down.”

I will be posting again with more updates. Thanks for tuning in.

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And The Winners Are…

Written on November 6, 2019   By   in Events


Two winners were drawn, Justin Harvey and @itsjust_tara. Congratulations to you both and enjoy your prize. You both won a special Charles t-shirt signed by the cast and crew. Now how amazing is that! Let’s all give a round of applause to the both of them. Also special thanks to everyone that participated! Your support was overwhelming but don’t worry if you didn’t win because there is always another giveaway around the corner! So stay tuned!
Charles t-shirts will make you feel relaxed and help you look stylish because afterall, this movie is based on Chucky, the long-running horror franchise and one of the best horror flicks. If you asked the average horror fan to name the most iconic horror characters of all time and they do not include Chucky, then they were never a fan to begin with.
Now, we all know the 1980’s created iconic horror movies that have stood the test of time. Of course it produced sequels and unwanted reboots. So what is the difference between a remake and a reboot? Well, these terms get thrown around together a lot and people think they mean the same thing. There is a distinction between the two.
A REMAKE is a film that tells the exact same story and features the same characters. There might be slight changes made but the important parts of the story have been kept the same. As for a REBOOT, it means a complete overhaul. It may maintain some or all of the character names, plot elements and story lines but it is basically starting from scratch. At times, there is a fine line between remakes and reboots and because of it, the two often overlap. Well, I can go on and on about this and sequels and prequels – the list never ends… The point is we now live in the remake era and it is not going to change any time soon because nowadays, the film industry is quick to profit from basically any franchise.

Look at this picture of Charles. The first thing Jennifer said to me when she saw it is, “He looks like a Diva”. When you look at it carefully, she is absolutely right, Charles in this photo is a complete Diva. Most often, the word “diva” brings to mind a female, probably a celebrity or just someone who loves everything to go her way. Yeah, well that goes for males as well because the whole “diva-ness” of any gender, humans or even animals is easily captured in photos because why? They just don’t give a rip about hiding their true feelings. And to be honest, why the hell would they because when you look down into it, they all happen to be self confident. Now whoever sat Charles this way, a perfect way and took the picture, is a genius because just take a look at the prima donna expression – brilliant…
More news and updates to come…

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Win A Charles T-Shirt

Written on October 31, 2019   By   in Videos

If you haven’t already guessed by now, they are almost done filming Charles. I am so excited about this that I am already over the moon. Also I am delighted to announce a new contest at the Charles – Fan Film Page. Take a moment and participate. The winner will receive a new custom Charles t-shirt and I am not talking about a boring one here either. It is from a spine-chilling movie we are so anxious to see and just talking about it is overwhelming. Now the rules are very simple…
1. Make sure you are following the Official Charles – Fan Film Page
2. Like the video below
3. Tag 3 friends in the comment section
That’s all there is to it and the winners will be chosen on Friday November 1st.
I know this movie will mark us profoundly and the story will become unforgettable. Chucky is back and he will be taking over the movie, in fact, HE IS the movie all the way to the end.
Good Luck to all!!

Contest At The Charles – Fan Film Page


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