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On The Set Of Charles

Written on September 29, 2019   By   in Filming

Sorry everyone for not writing any sooner but I’ve been sick. It looks like I have the seasonal flu – sore throat, nausea, chills and soreness in my legs, in fact, every inch of my body. I really don’t have a high fever so far, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I am taking my precautions because of the Flu that has been going around but I’m not going to worry to much about it. I don’t think it’s healthy for the worry to invade my life nor do I think the media folks should prey on our fear. Yes, of course, it is important to take precautions and get vaccinated (the vaccine is coming out in October) so in the mean time, just do what I do: turn off the TV and click the little X in the corner of the browser (which I will be doing after I’m done posting). Then, sip on some herbal tea and go to bed. This way your mind will be at peace, with no worries.
Okay, down to business… At the moment, this feels surreal writing this. For all the times I’ve said, “When are they going to start shooting the movie!” now it is actually true. It took awhile to come to this conclusion, from the ‘CHARLES’ Indiegogo Campaign, then the ScareFest Event and now to filming, actually filming this movie that will send a chill up our spines. Tony’s creative brainstorm and the planning of this film, have led to this. The photos of them shooting this movie each day will add up to big results.


Now, lets see what I have in store for you…

Here is Mike Chibante, Shannon Morris and Michael Lawrence. You can see by this picture they not only get along but they are also friends as well. There Is something humorous going on and believe me, humor on a film set goes a long way. They respect and trust each other and that is important given what they have ahead of them.

Hmm… Let’s see,”Lights, Camera, Action” or should I say, “Lights, Camera… Smile!!” Mitch Francis at the front and in the background, on the left Tyler Falcoa with Mike Chibante. I am sure they are making their shoots a wonderful experience.

Picture this, can you imagine having your child bringing Charles for show-and-tell! This doll was meant to be an innocent way for children to interact. He might look cute, fun and harmless but he is certainly a show-and-tell disaster waiting to happen.

Tony, Tony, Tony, this is what happens when you don’t invite Chucky to share your pizza with last Friday night…
Gotta go because I feel like crap now and my body is going crazy on me… switching from freezing to sweating my butt off. There should be a perfect home for a person who’s home sick. The bathroom, microwave, television and washing machine would be within five feet of the comfiest couch in the world. Sadly, this house is none existent. What they should do is have a Sick Kit. It would enable you to actually be “sick” while being sick instead of having to run around taking care of yourself. Well, enough of this rambling. It’s time for me to take my own advice, taking care of myself and go to bed. I will write again soon when I’m feeling a little more… coherent.

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Sad News And Updates

Written on September 24, 2019   By   in News


I would like to pay tribute to legendary horror actor Sid Haig. I remember watching one of his movies called, “The Devil’s Rejects” and he played the character “Captain Spaulding”. This film is deliberately disgusting, with a subversive sense of humor. If you are a hardened horror movie fan, then you will appreciate this film. This movie is a very dark satire and if you do look at it, pause for a moment and think of director Rob Zombie’s signature material… his artistic vision because no one can do what he does, no one can touch it… Sid Haig is the reason I watched this movie and with Rob Zombie as the director, I knew then there would be good writing and acting going on in this film.

Sid Haig, the tall, bald and bearded is an icon of the horror genre. The impact he made in so many different horror movies cannot be ignored. Each of his motion pictures required him to extend a wide range of emotions, so that is why he was bound to play in horror films. This accomplished actor has delivered memorable performances, which left us stunned, mesmerized and entertained. Sid Haig will be greatly missed but we will never forget the legacy the actor left behind in movies.

Here is a photo of Shannon Morris with Cult Figure Sid Haig. He was a man who brought us great entertainment and we will forever treasure the wonderful characters he artfully depicted on films. He may be gone but he will live forever through his movies…


This is Day 4 of filming the movie “Charles”. Oh my, look at this photo and what do you see… An innocent doll still in its box but not this one. He is just waiting for the right moment to flee the scene and go on a murderous rampage. With “Killer Dolls” in classic horror movies, the legacy of Chucky is the most scariest one of the bunch. This Cherubic Ginger Doll (saw this name online and I thought it was funny). The perfect name for Charles? Hell no… he is a straight-out-of-hell-kind of murderous evil residing in a Good Guys Doll (I also got this phrase while surfing the web for more photos… geez, I better start being more creative here). Let’s see… everytime I look at this creepy doll who grins at me sinisterly… no, no, no thank you… I just want to close the door and run away.

What??? Look at this… Shannon Morris, Michael Lawrence and Tony Bizz on a Friday night eating a pizza and not even sharing? How rude… Uh-huh, taking a break… Now that I am looking at the photo more closely, Tony, where is Charles? Leaving him alone… again!! I am talking about a seriously terrifying creature on the loose here…
Venting like this, is it meant to be this exhausting? Ok, I am taking a break and I will be back here to do it all over again and again and again… if you get my drift!

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Behind The Scenes

Written on September 23, 2019   By   in Videos


This is Day Two filming the movie “Charles” and it feels very real. It’s hitting us as we see the characters moving forward as the story progresses. Let’s enjoy this long journey ahead…

Shannon Morris, who provides Chucky’s voice, appeared in good spirits on the set. He is perfectly cast for this role and his version of Chucky is brilliant, cold, calculating and prone to fits of rage when this pint-size fiend doesn’t get his way. “Charles” is just an ancient being of pure evil and hearing that voice gives us nightmares.

This picture of Charles is what you will see in the movie. Looking at this photo, I can hear the eerie voice of Shannon speaking through the thing. I know it sounds silly but that voice still gives me the heebie-jeebies. In the movie, this genuinely terrifying doll still has penchant for bloodshed and will continue taking his deadly show on the road.

The third day of filming “Charles”. This true horror icon is one of the creepiest and scariest characters of all time. And here is the man who brought Chucky back to life.

The Master, Michael Lawrence sitting on his thrown. You certainly deserve this because without you, there would be no “Charles”. This unsettling doll not only moves but has the facial expressions as well, which is quite impressive. Usually, it takes two to four puppeteers to operate this kind of doll but not Michael, he is bringing this iconic horror character back to life on his own. Michael is showing no sign of slowing down and with this evil doll, he can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. When you look at Chucky, it is a small and simple toy but Michael made this figure capture the imagination of the audience in a new way. This insidious killer exist due to Michael’s undeniable talent and there is just something special about his creation.

Hmm… Tyler, there is someone, let me rephrase this, something behind you. You may be wondering, “Who is Tyler Falcoa?” Shame on some of you! Everyone should know this amazing actor, who is also a great singer, along side his brother Ryan. He has a lot of talent portraying his character of “Michael Miller”, by making an emotional connection with the audience. He is creating a believable persona, regardless of what side of the spectrum that character falls. He knows how to make his character look good and he uses his physical presence to his advantage. Tyler is also a really nice guy and that explains why he is working so well with others.

Yeah, Tyler, he is looking at you and this horrifying villain is definitely keeping a close eye on you as well. His glassy eyes reflect images and memories of unspeakable horror. That is your life right now. Don Mancini captured terror in its purest form and created death scenes that are more violent, shocking and disturbing than any that has been captured on films. The innocent look on Charles face and knowing the true story behind this sinister doll is beyond horrifying. My suggestion Tyler is run for the hills… because he means business.

This photograph is downright bone chilling. This possessed doll gave us nightmares for years and now Tony, with the help of Michael, has given us Charles who is beyond scary looking. Wasn’t the original Chucky creepy enough!! There is something truly unnerving about a child’s toy revealing itself to be a source of evil.
I would like you to take a look at this video. It is a Charles Indiegogo Promo Clip. I was always fascinated by Music Boxes because they mesmerized me. I cherish listening to the vintage songs that they played, until now… The melody in the video is at first soothing, then the tune seems to be completely out of place. Mike Chibante has given us a memorably, chillingly effective horror movie score. It’s as intriguing as the film itself. At one point, it gives a jump scare on the viewers when they least expect it. This is what usually happens when you combine really cute things with killers – it suddenly becomes sinister.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes of CHARLES – The Chucky Fan Film…

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