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Step By Step – Part Three

Let’s see if I can finish this…

 Again, a lot of things going on. Trying to capture a still photo from the video was quite a challenge. All I can say is I did my very best. Now let’s go with the first one. This looks like a sledge hammer. Probably it’s the same scene from this audio Tony and his team made during their Indiegogo Campaign.

SHANNON MORRIS – Actor / Voice Actor


 While we are seeing glimpses of different scenes, you can hear Charles chanting and the music is so captivating that your eyes are glued to every image because it’s super intense. Music gives depth to a scene and sometimes it helps defining the characters too. Now to the photos. The first one is Michael Miller played by “Tyler Falcoa”. He is lying down, probably in bed (maybe??). Well he looks surprised, whether he heard a noise or saw something or someone… The second picture is a look at the infamous Good Guy Doll before the madness begins. Yep, here it comes, when you start seeing those little feet, you know what’s going to happen, Chucky’s whole psychopath thing. Now this photo, Michael seems to be in a factory of some sort looking probably for Charles, who is back with a vengeance.

 The amulet… is it working the same way as in the Chucky movies, the talisman (the Heart Of Damballa) he was buried with to transfer his soul to a human being, as you can see from the other two pictures. This is quite interesting because when you go online, there are several versions of the chant.
The chant appear to be French but it is definitely not proper French. I know because I am French. It seems to be closer to Haitian Creole which is loosely based off of French. Also, it is derived from the Haitian Voodoo religion. Damballa is a snake-god and lives in the trees near springs and is also known as the Draper of Wood. This version is from the subtitles of the Child’s Play 2 (1990):
Ade Due Damballa. Give me the power, I beg of you.
Leveau mercier du bois chaloitte.
Secoise entienne mais pois de morte.
Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette.
Endelieu pour du boisette damballa (x3)
However, it is all based on speculation. Nobody knows the true translation or the meaning of Chucky’s chant. What is true is the entity he calls upon to acquire immortality, as well as the spirit which Chucky tries to call upon whenever he takes part in a particular soul-transferring spell, is the Loa Damballa, who isn’t completely malevolent. In Child’s Play, John Bishop, also known as “Doctor Death” and Chucky’s former master, was a firm believer in Voodoo. That is why he saw Charles’ action as an abomination and without a doubt an outrage against nature. He felt Chucky’s specific part of this Deity worship was blasphemous. He used this spell for evil and became a notorious “Killer Doll”, with basically a whole new level of menace.
And now for the last photo is someone reaching for a gun. It can be anyone, from Charles in his human form, to Detective Norris or even Michael…

 With a brief look at all these images, listen carefully to Charles infamous Damballa Chant to call forth this Voodoo Sky God, “Endelieu pour du boisette Damballa”. While all of this is going on, you can still hear the ponderous sound of an organ which creates an inescapable atmosphere. Then, when it reaches to the very last photo, you can hear Michael yelling, “Get out of my head!” Hmm… interesting. Sounds like Charles found his target to transfer his evil soul into.
All right, let’s continue with the first picture. Poor Michael, if you notice, he has some blood on his shirt and neck. Probably the same scene from the second photo, which we have seen toward the start of the video.
Well, the middle photo is pretty much self-explanatory. Charles trying to bite Michael, well it looks that way. Regardless, I’m sure throughout the movie, Charles at some point bites someone. He attacks anyone around him with the out of control, persistent energy of the Energizer Bunny on drugs.
Well, well, here we go again, Charles transferring his evil soul into the Good Guy Doll. Now, If he has no amulet, he can transfer his soul to the first person he reveals himself to but there is a time limit or he will be stuck in the host body forever. On the other hand, if he has the amulet, Charles can transfer his soul into anyone with no time limit and can also transfer more than one soul at a time. Well, that’s in the Chucky movies, let’s see what this one has in store for us, especially seeing Michael stabbing him. What will help Charles this time escape death to begin with!

 Trying to enhance these photos was more than a challenge. No expert here, so I just did the best I could. Now where was I, oh yes… After all the commotion from the last scene, everything is quiet, sort of, except for that bump in the background to keep the suspense going. Then the lights keeps going on and off and you can see Michael walking slowly up the stairs. Once in the hallway, you can hear him yelling,”Chucky…. where the hell are you, you little shit”. You start hearing the music slowly getting louder, then all the doors start slamming shut, one at a time and when you see the close up of the very last one, you can hear Charles saying, “Playtime is f*cking over Michael”. Then this…

 OMG!!! this scene… The tension is palpable. That, that music is building even more suspense… Then, the sudden appearance of this thing… it scared me so badly, I jumped out of my seat and almost fell on the floor. My breathing, heart and everything was a complete wreck. No movie scenes has done this to me at that degree before. Has to be a doll thing… And that laugh… that evil laugh… I’m done here!

 The end of the trailer is eerie enough with the music, which is a brilliant example of how important a score can be to a movie, without having the jump scare that followed. I could feel it coming but still it totally caught me off guard when it happened. As for the music score by composer Mike Chibante, it hardly ever slows down from start to finish. It stands on its own as a defining part of the film.

 Michael Lawrence LAWRENCE SFX PRODUCTIONS, you are a genius. There is not a lot about this doll that isn’t creepy and you made Chucky scarier than ever. His gaze locks onto you and doesn’t let go, which is freaky as hell. At first, he looks super cute and cuddly but then it’s happy face turns terrifying and it moves creepily. And that evil grin certainly scares the bejesus out of whoever dares to go near. By bringing the old Chucky back, he is once again one of the scariest dolls of all time. THANK YOU!!

The Amazing Cast And Crew Of Charles – A Chucky Fan Film
My goodness, the Official Trailer looks like a professional movie and leaves you begging for more. From the very beginning until now, this movie continues to inspire. It’s hard to imagine how much time and effort went into this film and you can certainly see it from this trailer. Someone doesn’t take on a project like this, unless they truly love what they’re working on. It’s a masterpiece and a must-watch for the fans of the Chucky franchise. When Tony and his team first started this project, this fan film had a lot to live up to. But they managed to make Chucky darker and the atmosphere is so creepy, with believable actors who are superb, which makes this movie pretty impressive in itself. The Official Trailer has enough twists to keep you engaged and this Charles Fan Film has Hollywood levels of quality. If you haven’t seen the video yet, which is amazing or if you already did (like me, several times, just can’t get enough of it), you need to drop everything you’re doing right now and go watch it. Believe me, you won’t regret it… 
The Official Trailer Of Charles – A Chucky Fan Film

If you want to know what drew Tony, the filmmaker, to this amazing project, please read this great article by Paul Hernandez from the ScaryNerd. ‘Charles’ Creator: Chucky will be Scarier than Ever

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