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Finally, It’s Here

Nothing excites me more then being able to share the Official Trailer of Charles with all of you! I know it will be one of the scariest horror movies of 2020. It will certainly tickle your fancy but at the same time, it will tingle your spine! So what are you waiting for? Check out this creepy trailer for Charles – A Chucky Fan Film…

The Official Trailer Of Charles – A Chucky Fan Film


For the past few months, there has been teaser trailers and behind the scene photos to showcase this amazing movie, but they have not shown much of the film which was probably a smart thing to do. But now, we get to see more of the movie and it looks incredible! They all wanted to get involved in this project because it’s another creative outlet for them. They inspire people and they can certainly make you think out of the box. They help you to have more faith in yourself and search for the bright side regardless of what is happening in your life.
When I looked at this trailer, the talented crew and cast have duplicated what made the original CHUCKY movies so much fun and love to watch. This film brings a scary story to life, which means everyone involved are doing this for a love of the original movies. Now it’s all here, in this very moment, when they shared this trailer, the creative team delivered something creepy and genuinely terrifying. It is done so well that you would never think this was done on such a low budget. This film definitely evokes the same horror that the original CHUCKY movies brought and that makes this a definite winner to me. Now when you get to see the whole feature film, make it a fright-night because this way, it will be more epic.

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