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Step By Step – Part Two

Alright, now let’s start where I left off…

 Wow, a lot of things going on here. I see Samantha Davis played by “Morgan Silva”, slowly walking towards the doorway of a bedroom. She sees the doll sitting on the bed facing the wall. By the look on her face, she looks bewildered, trying to figure out why is the doll on the bed and how it got there in the first place. Then, the light in the hallway started flickering, again trying to figure out why this is happening. Then, as she slowly turns her head towards the bedroom, she hears a crackling gritty sound when lo and behold, there is Charles staring at her. Looking at that scene certainly gave me the heebie-jeebies.

 Again, you start seeing quick glimpses of images here. I do not know who this dude is but probably he is one of Eddie Caputo’s friend. I guess we will find out about it once the movie is out. Damn, all this waiting is pure torture. Then you see Eddie played by the master himself, the genius behind these amazing Chucky dolls and who can also act. Are you hiding anything else from us Michael? Yes, it’s none other than Michael Lawrence. But what is going on here, Charles choking him and saying, “This is my playground”. I love this scenario, the look on Eddie’s face, angry but yet wondering why Charles is doing this to him. Unless he betrayed him and like Chucky says, “Don’t f**k with the Chuck”. Whoa, has anybody notice this? Is there another person behind Eddie? He seems to be leaning back on a chair, probably dead and you can also see a gun pointing at Michael. It’s probably that guy we know nothing about. Damn Charles, do you have an army working for you? I thought Eddie was your only partner in crime.

 There is a lot going on here. You see Michael Miller played by “Tyler Falcoa”, reaching under the bed grabbing a music box. Quite interesting. The amulet and now this box, I am sure it has to do with Charles’ Voodoo Spell. Then you see the doll’s cute little feet getting off the bed, I presume and started walking. All during this time, you can hear Samantha saying, “Why are you here?” While still showing the feet and the bloody hands from someone who could be tied up, which is hard to determine and finally, the last image, Michael laughing. Wow, a lot for a short period of time. While all of this is happening, you can hear another voice, probably from Detective Norris telling Michael, who is the only suspect here, “You know, when they come back with your fingerprints, I will arrest you myself”.

 Before I continue, I would like to talk about the music. Mike Chibante, you’ve done it again. He is the Producer and the Film Score Composer of this great movie. He certainly has a sharp sense for the connection between video and music and I know he will be creating the most compelling soundtrack. From the very beginning, everytime I hear the music from Charles movie, I can feel the notes rattling around my head and I start humming the theme of the film. The huge broadness and depth of his work is extraordinary and his music has finally being recognized for its originality and diversity. Mike Chibante’s ominous music is the key to Charles’ terror. Now, everytime I look at the Official Trailer, which is a lot, scares the bejesus out of me. If you just want to creep yourself out, take a look again at the trailer and the music score itself is a sure way to get some chills.
My goodness, I didn’t realize their would be a Part 3 but I have been quite busy for the past few weeks. When I start getting those days of serenity, I will be ready to resume my regular life again. So just bear with me and my silliness at times for just a little while longer.
Again, I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year. It is time for a new year because it brings a new beginning, with new days. A new year also brings new ideas, new hopes and of course courage to overcome all the new challenges. May this new year bring all of you new opportunities your way to explore every joy of life. I hope the new year fill your life with happiness and perfect health always, with much more success and happiness.
Here is another video from Romeo Ortega’s NIGHTMARECRIPT Channel. He breaks down some theories and every little things we missed in the Charles Official Trailer. It is quite interesting, so check it out!
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) In Depth Official Trailer BREAKDOWN!

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ScareFest – Meet & Greet


Between September 12th through the 15th, come and take a journey to ScareFest, which happens to be in Lexington, Kentucky. You will be able to Interact with the amazing people behind the movie, “Charles – The Chucky Fan Film”. There will be a ticket raffle to win a free custom Limited Edition of “Charles Voodoo Kit”, an autograph signing and much, much more…

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Luis Tony Bizz Serrano, who happens to be the Director, Writer and Editor of “Charles”, the reimagining cult classic horror series of Child’s Play. The doll looks the same but the story is different with the never ending reign of terror. Basically, Tony is reinventing horror genre, who pushed new limits, adding a new twist to an old story that will make this movie memorably terrifying and crafting new terrors that will give you nightmares and make you paranoid and afraid to even look into mirrors in the dark. It will chill you to the bone.

You will also meet Michael Lawrence, the Producer and SFX Prop Master. He is bringing Chucky to life with a lot of animatronics involved. If you want to know how he built this iconic animatronic doll skeleton, just go on YouTube from the behind-the-scenes look at a set of procedures used to create the very nerve-wracking Chucky Doll. The vicious expressions on this doll’s face gives him a homicidal look of death. Michael has a talent for bringing nightmarish dolls to life. His creation will definitely make an impact on the audience.

And let’s not forget Shannon Ray Morris, whose tour-de-force performance will someday become a horror icon himself. As Chucky, he is able to deliver every trace of this Killer Doll’s persona. And each move made by Shannon helps create the unique atmosphere of this film. We all know that villains are an important part of storytelling. His voice of Chucky manages to be funny, insane and terrifying all at once. The laugh, the horrible laughter is evil and Shannon managed to keep it genuine.

Here is a photograph of Shannon with none other than Brad Dourif. A legend himself, Dourif never takes the easy way out with his work. And this is what I see in Shannon, this young actor, whose performance in “Charles” stand out, by giving an impossibly compelling portrait of one very memorable and iconic character. So look out, when Chucky shows up, all hell is about to break loose. This time, it won’t be Dourif himself but Shannon’s incredible work as Chucky. So homage must be paid to Shannon Ray Morris…

Last but not least, at the ScareFest, there will also be the Limited Edition of Charles 8×11 Posters. A must have, so do come and meet the people behind this wonderful movie. There will be so much to see and do, so be scared and excited all at the same time. So join the fun at ScareFest…

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