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Overstepping The Bounds



Is Steve being stalked by a crazed fan? All we know, he could have a dangerously obsessed fan on his hands. We all know about boundaries. Most people have enough sense when it comes to respecting boundaries but we are bound to find some individuals who don’t. To me, these stalkers are abusive… and if we don’t deal with them properly, they will continue to break boundaries time and time again.


How do you know you are being stalked? Well, it starts feeling uncomfortable every time the phone rings or you have to be out alone at night or worse, you start receiving death threats. You know he’s out there, somewhere and just that thought makes your skin crawl and your hands clammy. You never thought it would happen to you but you are being stalked.



So what is Steve doing? Curling up in a corner or packing up and fleeing to another part of the universe, after all he is in the entaintment business and that’s where he makes his living. I just spoke to Steve and told me what it’s like to have someone messing with you and what he is doing about it. It’s Not Fair!! Of course it’s not but what are you going to do? So far, they have increased security measures for the upcoming events, therefore, the passes to meet him him are given with NO EXCEPTIONS. But if the threats does continue and becomes a higher risk, they will pull the band from remaining tour. It’s sad and it’s all because of one individual, who is probably psychotic or a jealous person who feels good to know that he has the power to make you afraid. Period.


Because of the increased security measures, Steve has improved his situation and changed his behavior. He does feel better and safer because he took control of his own safety and took positive steps to protect himself. But nothing can absolutely guarantee your safety, especially when your Stalker is a stranger because their mental disturbances include delusions and abnormal characteristics, which they tend to have violent behavior. Lets hope this is not the case. To me, it’s like being at war. You are constantly waiting for something terrible to happen and in the meantime, the stress, the anxiety, the tension and the pressure that you are under are unbelievable.


As I said before, it’s not fair. And the Anti-Stalking website says it all: “Stalking victims don’t like to be called victims. They will say, “I won’t let myself be victimized,” or “I’m not going to change my life because I’m being stalked.” Sorry. Your life has changed. Forever. And unless you accept that, you will actually be helping the stalker. You are a crime victim. The crime happens to be stalking.”


It’s to hope for the best in Steve’s situation. It’s to keep in mind that just because it starts off as innocent behavior, it doesn’t mean that it will end there. You never know when the stalker might take it to the next level and I think this is what happened in Steve’s situation. He is now being more cautious and careful in all of his activities.


The bottom line is, you must have faith and continue to live your life. Nothing else matters. So learn to fight and learn to tame your fear because fear can be a friend. We all heard about silence is golden and it’s true but not in this case. Silence can be deadly! Sometimes, we must break silence to be heard. Share the information and keep people informed. Communicate


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