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A Place To Remember!!


Since this Journal is about Steve, it will also include my memories of yesterday, joys of today and dreams of tomorrow… Now we all know that the “Past Is Always Present”. So you will find here a combination of memorable stories and photos that will create an extraordinary tale of your favorite musician and actor Steve Sauve.



We all have a story to tell, so memories are to precious to store in a box. We live and experience life and our memories of these events are usually stored away or put in a photo album. This Journal will provide a place for my stories and the opportunities to precious photos and anything else which interests me and might interest other people as well. You will be able to read what life was like in the past for Steve: whether it was recent events or of his earlier days and beyond.



Now you all know that I’m not the greatest story teller but I always have something to say about everything, so this Journal will showcase all of that! And trying to blog every day can be quite the challenge. I’ve also noticed that if I miss a day, I discovered that the world doesn’t end. What a shocking revelation… who knew? So I have decided not to post every day but rather every week (hopefully) when I have something worth posting and then see where things go from there.


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