The  Official  Site

Dedicated To My Nephew Steven Sauve

My name is Diane and I happen to be Steven's Aunt. My main reason for this Site is to share photos of my nephew. You will find Steve's presentation platform, your one stop solution to see his pictures in a new way! I want to be able to share his adventures and his life with his fans by creating special and original photos. This could be through the good and also the bad because lets face it, nobody has a perfect life. Behind all the glitz and the glam you see across social media, there's heartache and struggle and everyone has their own issues and insecurities.
Within these photos, I hope to be able to share his life experiences and share with fans how Steven has grown and overcome certain struggles. Some people would probably laugh or just don't care if they saw this but on the flip side, I'm not sure if anyone pay attention because the internet is becoming ever more crowded and competition for traffic is at an all time high. But if this Site is able to give someone a lifeline, help, advice or even inspiration, that will be enough for me to keep writing and sharing Steven's life with anyone who has a soft spot for my nephew like I do. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and get yourself ready to explore my little corner of the world...