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Written on April 20, 2020   By   in Videos

Today I would like to talk about Mental Illness. Let’s stop the Mental Health stigma because it doesn’t solve issues, in fact, it makes them worse. Talking about it makes you a stronger person, so here are some people suffering from it but unfortunately, some of them are no longer with us.


 He was a mental health sufferer and died at the age of 63 on August 11th, 2014 due to suicide. Apparently, he was in one of the episodes of depression when he ended his own life. His passing was a huge loss, not only to the entertainment world but to the world in general. He made us all smile and brought only joy to our hearts. Unfortunately, he couldn’t love himself the way we loved him. He was one of the Greatest Comedians of all time and I am still heartbroken by his death. Thank you Robin Williams for all the laughter. You are now gone but not forgotten.

 He was one of my favorite Youtube personalities and he was best known for his Talking Kitty Cat video series. He was 40 years old and passed away after taking his own life on Thursday morning, April 16th, 2020. You should look at his videos where he would engage in funny conversations and situations with his cat, Sylvester. News of his death shocked all of his fans, including myself. He did addressed in one of his last videos his struggle with Bipolar and severe depression in September. This is what I’ve read about BIPOLAR, “Bipolar disorder is a mental illness where the person fluctuates between episodes of extreme energy, focus and productivity (mania) and severe depression”. Believe me, you will notice this kind of behavior in some of his videos. Even one of his fans noticed he had been more active on social media and his response was, “Nah, just bipolar. I’m on a manic up right now. When I go back into depression I’ll vacate everything”. He lit up my life with his humor and his goal was to make others laugh. This is a tragic and sudden loss. Steve Cash, you will be missed.

 He is one of the actors in the CHARLES – A CHUCKY FAN FILM and he does a magnificent job playing “Michael Miller. Just look at the Charles Official Trailer and you will see why he deserves special attention. He also suffers from depression and anxiety and has been open about his struggle with mental health. You can look at the video below he posted in November 2019. I love this video because it’s unscripted and right to the point, especially when he said, “It’s ok to feel like shit sometimes”. He is being honest about his own feelings and by posting this video, he is helping to remove the stigma around mental iillness, which is so important.
Just Had To Share This. I’m As Human As The Next Guy

‪Just had to share this. I’m as human as the next guy. This shit is important. Always, with love x ‬

Posted by TY Falcoa on Monday, November 11, 2019

People suffering from mental illness are never out of the woods because they have to deal with emotional stuff on a daily basis. Depression is a Silent Killer and when you look down into it, it goes mainly unnoticed and unspoken, until someone is directly affected by it. Depression and suicide tragically go hand in hand. When a person suffers from depression, at night when they go to bed and then waking up in the morning, they feel the same way. They have negative emotions and thoughts that only builds up and starts experiencing feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. It is emotionally draining and very frustrating, so a lot of them start exploring more successful methods of escaping the events in their lives by masking their thoughts and feelings. On the outside, they might appear to live a normal life but on the inside, they stumble in the endless suffering and lack of interest. Tyler is still stuggling and my heart goes to him. Always remember there is a beginning, there is a middle and there is a successful end to the cruelty of depression, so please, stay strong, for there is life during and after all this misery.
All I can say about this is learn how to recognize depression. If you or someone close to you or even a family member shows any signs, then you might be looking at depression in the eye and believe me, this is a serious enemy you want to quickly kick out of the safety of your homes and hearts. Tyler has the help of his family, friends and fans. His well-being is extremely important to us. We are all together supporting him and we know it will take some time but we are determined to help OUR STAR get to the better place he needs to be. WE LOVE YOU TYLER AND WE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!!!
And now about someone who is very special to me, my youngest daughter Jennifer. She is autistic and just because she struggles with autism, she is high functional. She is above average intelligent and sometimes shows autistic behavior. No pictures because she prefers not posting photos of her life and instead to just stick to words and stock photos. She also hates having her picture taken and doesn’t feel the need for self exhibition. She is certainly not obsessed with documenting every second of her life on her Facebook page. Like me, she is trying to avoid the drama and narcissism of social media.
In recent years, she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Believe me, anxiety can stop your world in its tracks. Especially when we go for a walk or taking a bus or worrying about something, she can feel her anxiety rise. Her body feels nervous and fuzzy and when we stop, she feels a shift, a change. It’s like looking at a movie when some people change forms. She can feel it coming and feel herself change no matter how hard she tries not to. She just can’t control it.
For months, I ask myself when will Jennifer get better, so we can go back to how she used to be. I would wake up hoping everything had cleared up and gotten back to normal. Then I realized and accepted the fact that all of this is now normal and everything instantly became more clear to me. Despite many obstacles, Jennifer is still fighting her way back from her anxiety and is trying very hard to reclaim her life. Sometimes, I will see a glimpse of my daughter emerging from all that layers of muck being scraped off.
Of course Jennifer’s story is far from over but at least, she is trying to live her life to the fullest. She is living proof that there is hope for all anxiety sufferers. Everyone needs to know that anxiety, even if severe, is treatable. I always make sure people in our life know about Jennifer’s anxiety disorder and believe it or at least have the good sense to pretend to when they are around her. She needs support and understanding, not judgment and shame.

Let’s all end this mental health discrimination, especially now. Support someone during the coronavirus outbreak because a lot of people are trying to take small steps to be more open about this issue. There is still a taboo just talking about mental health. What some people don’t realize is mental illnesses are REAL illnesses and because you might not see the symptoms, they are certainly there. Acknowledge their feelings and assure them that although they are worried about what is going on in the world right now, they are not alone. Trust me, it is much better to have a very difficult conversation with someone suffering from mental illness than it is to lose someone you care deeply about.
Be kind to one another and especially help when it’s most needed. Stay strong, healthy and safe during these difficult times everyone and for those around you…

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