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The Many Faces Of Charles

Written on May 31, 2020   By   in Photos

We all know a doll that is possessed will certainly give you nightmares. Let’s be honest, dolls are frightening, not only the old and creepy ones but also dolls that are cute and innocent when you look at them. These child toys you least suspect to be evil will get out of their way to torment and terrify their victims. Just look at their glassy eyes, following your every move and not afraid to hurt you. Dolls are not, at this point adorable toys and you certainly do not want these sort of playthings laying around your home. Here is a photo collection of Charles most “Satanic” moments…
As you can see, Charles has two faces, as if one face isn’t creepy enough. Well, let’s not put this doll on our Christmas list, if so I would suggest run for the hills…

Now this is quite disturbing. Charles, with its sweet and innocent exterior, is trying to convince you he is your friend ’till the end. This kind of evil dolls are the things of which night terrors are made.
Hmm, “Come play with me”. One minute, he is holding a hammer and the next, a knife. Only unspeakable evil comes to all from this haunted doll.
“What’s in the basement?” Charles lips seems to smirk, then a maniacal chuckle can be heard. No one would ever speculate such creepy action from this toy sitting in front of of you. He is certainly incapable of concealing his evil demeanor.
Look at this, Charles is finally in trouble. Hmm, if you have some enemies or playing a prank on someone, this kind of situation would be great to put this doll inside a box looking like this, then leave it on somebody’s doorstep or mail it as a gift to a friend. How about throwing in the rest of his body parts or better yet, some severed fingers or whatever else you can find, so you can show them you mean business.
Do you still love Charles? This particular doll has been used as a vessel to promote a very sinister agenda. We all know this innocent object created grief and trails of blood. As we are looking at these pictures, we can finally see his deranged expressions. When we saw the Official Trailer, we can imagine how Charles is making his victims suffer by stabbing them one by one with that insane grin on his face.

In conclusion, whether you believe in the spirit world or not, these sinister entities do lurk around any kind of dolls so they can find a home to live in. The important thing is this, before bying any dolls online, especially people who gets a kick out of acquiring these playthings through eBay or even worse, the Dark Web, recognize the signs of paranormal activity. Don’t be fooled by a seemingly innocent exterior because it is difficult to recognized what a haunted doll may look like. But also remember, not all of them have a sinister destiny. Most dolls are just fun to have or just plain weird. Nowadays, buying a haunted doll is becoming a trend. To each his own, I guess…
Take care everyone and stay safe!

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