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WOW, Amazing Movie Clip!

Written on September 7, 2020   By   in Videos

Scary movies create a terrifying, frightening and startling feel all around the place. So for you out there who love watching horror films, here is the “Charles Movie” you should definitely add to your watch list. Believe me, this film will give you a bad taste in your mouth but at the same time, you will be thankful for exactly how great a good horror can be. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself, 

Charles – A Chucky Fan Film “WORKSHOP MOVIE CLIP”

Covid-19 is certainly wreaking havoc on the entirety of 2020’s film schedule. So, this long-awaited movie has been rescheduled to release in 2021. We all know the year 2020 has been a difficult year for us all, especially for the movie industry. So yes, “Charles” has been delayed because it’s really about safety. Now let’s appreciate what Tony and his Team are doing and the measures they are taking.
Here is an original piece of music composition Mike Chibante did for this amazing film “Charles”. It also features Ty Falcoa on his electric guitar. This score was composed for the “Workshop Attack” movie clip.
Charles – Fan Film | Music Score | Mike Chibante – “Workshop Attack”

Mike Chibante, you’ve done it again. Your music assemble tension, suspense and anxiety and has a chilling force that can be felt on its own. Don Mancini created a monster that never dies and since the movie “Charles” shows the darker side of Chucky, the music score has to be chilling and hypnotic. Well, Mike certainly delivered because his music has an eerie sense of imminent terror. And with the help of Tyler Falcoa, it certainly gave us a hair-raising feeling as Charles moved in for the kill. I know it gave me the willies on screen.
Here is another score Mike Chibante composed for “The Possession” movie clip. Again, it is something entirely frightening and suspenseful. Now allow me a quiet moment to shiver.
Charles – Fan Film | Music Score | Mike Chibante – “The Possession”

Stay Safe And Strong. Remember, You Are Not Alone During These Trying Times!

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