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Written on October 23, 2020   By   in Photos

I finally got myself a new iPad. As you can see from the picture above, I’m happy happy, joy joy! I now have a powerful tool that will bring productivity and pure enjoyment into my life.

Yep, that’s me, doing my happy dance…

Love, love, love this poster designed by none other than Mitch Francis. He is certainly a young man of many talents. Visit his website CINEMAGIC PICTURES and his YouTube Channel because you will see endless other projects on the go. His sites are original, unique and engaging. See for yourself…

We all know that the camera is the most important tool on a set. Without a camera, there is definitely no movie. So both of these directors, Tony Bizz and Mitch Francis are in charge of a film set. They both have their own style of working but together, they can visualize the whole “Charles Movie” from start to end and capture it on camera. They are unquestionably the most crucial part of a film-production group.

We all love behind the scenes photos because we can see how the magic happens. They certainly know how to create an interesting world with impressive camera work, sound effects and editing because it pulls us into another universe. Also, it is fun to see the cast and crew let loose a little.

Director Tony Bizz is with Zack Francis on the set. They put in a lot of work and everything has to be in sync to bring to life the Charles Fan Film we all love. Sometimes it can be fun and sometimes stressful.
Stay safe everyone and hope all goes well!

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