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Written on December 3, 2020   By   in Musing


Tony Bizz on his Facebook Page, “The world needs to smoke a joint and relax! 😏
This is what Tony wrote on his Facebook Page and I totally agree with him. The world should also take a Chill Pill. All we see are people’s anger, hatred and violence. It is becoming a commonplace in the streets and everywhere now. So come on everyone, take a chill pill because we know ALL of this will someday come to an end. Bring together people from different walks of life and open your hearts and minds during this festive season. It would definitely be a better world if everyone would just get along.
This is what I love about Tony. I go on his Facebook Page all the time because he always puts a smile on my face. I really admire his wonderful sense of humor. No matter the staleness of the joke, his enjoyment of the humor is fresh for each telling. He knows life is hard work and it’s too serious. So he uses his sense of humor with lightness and joy to meet life’s challenges and even all the struggles that goes with it.
Humor does come more easily to some of us than others but we do make choices about how we live our lives. Tony does important work that must be taken seriously but at times, he does not take himself too seriously. What he does is he lighten each day by using humor as an escape. He lives with humor and grace and it brings sparkle to the lives of anyone he interact with each day.
Now lets leave it to Tony Bizz to lighten any stressful situation. Having a great sense of humor is fun and it allows you to laugh about life more than ever before. So thank you Tony for keeping me cheerful and by spreading some of that delight to everyone around you.
My heart hurts about how people are suffering now. Stay safe and stay well everyone!

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