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Written on February 24, 2021   By   in News

I am soooooo sorry for being a horrible blogger and not posting more frequent. I’ve been having some issues with my web hosting. Everytime they make changes or doing some updates, things gets worse. My sites keep disappearing and a lot of times, I am unable to upload files and even unable to access the web hosting site itself. Everything was fine before but now they are in a world of hurt and I’ve had it. I have decided to go with WordPress only and see where it will take me. There will be big changes but at least I will be able to post frequently. I am leaving the sites where they are at the moment and when the time comes, I will be switching everything around. For now on, it will be one site, nothing fancy, so I can get to it more easily. Sorry for any inconvenience but you might say that I am starting things over. Take care and please stay safe…

Yep, that’s me, being frustrated for some time now. I am surprised I was able to post this! 

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