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Written on August 18, 2019   By   in Photos


I received these two photographs from Tony and by looking at them, there is a bigger picture beyond these photos, such as hearing those little feet racing down the hall behind you… Believe me, there is nothing scarier than an evil doll coming to life. These pictures should be called, “HELL IS HERE” and now I am even more anxious to see how the movie is played out. These photos are definitely worth a thousand words, reflecting the horror perfectly by adding a spooky atmosphere. Chucky always did send chills down my spine.

And now, it’s to give Charles a voice that will give him justice… Here is where Shannon Morris comes in and bears the magical voice. Just hearing it scares the wits out of me at any given time of the day. Now I know for sure that Shannon will probably give Brad Dourif a run for his money. The bottom line is this, Chucky is back and invites all of you to play. Afterall, Chucky never dies…


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Chucky’s Voice

Written on August 15, 2019   By   in Biography


I would like to talk about this amazing actor Shannon Ray Morris, who is playing the role of Charles Lee Ray and Chucky’s voice in Charles – The Chucky Fan Film. I know he will be memorable for his performance in Charles but also for how amazing his voice sounds as Chucky. If you want to hear a voice that is creepy, scary and all around weird, look no further. His voice is unmistakable and blends it with a deep sense of confidence. Honestly, I just know his voice is incredible and when I hear it in the video, it is the epitome of what I am talking about. This movie will be worth watching because of its stars, mainly Chucky. Sometimes a star is not only memorable for his performance but how amazing his voice sounds like, especially in this movie. Think about this, there are many actors out there but there are not many whose voices you would recognize in about three seconds.

When you look down into it, Child’s Play remains one of the longest-running horror franchises of all time. And Brad Dourif is one of the most iconic voice actors in the business. So portraying the voice of this iconic killer doll Chucky was a challenge to Shannon but he made this killer doll his own and he used all of his talent to bring Chucky to life. As Jude Dry mentioned in one of his articles, “Once you’ve voiced one sadistic, lunatic, joke-cracking psychopath with a crazy face, you’ve voiced ’em all.”
Shannon is a gifted actor with a unique talent. You don’t have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself by listening to this video. Now I am able to experience the shock and frightfulness of Chucky coming back to life.
‘CHARLES’ Behind The Scenes Teaser Trailer


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New Posters

Written on August 14, 2019   By   in Posters

I remember going to the movie store on Friday night to rent a video. What literally terrified me the most was the posters of many slasher movies in the “horror” section. Hmm, the good old days, gone forever…

Now let’s take a look at these two new Posters but one is different from the previous ones. Let’s start with Chucky… Innocent enough but if you think about it, this cute doll, with a sweet smile, is just creepy. This poster is a classic, with no gory or gruesome and that is what scares us to our core. A lot of times the most haunting images are the ones without the guts and blood and this poster proves that theory tenfold.

Moving on to the next one. As I mentioned before, this one is quite different. Now this isn’t the sort of behind the scenes movie you get to see every day. Here is Mitch Francis and Mike Chabante, the one holding the doll, letting Tyler Falcoa know his mark and literally gave him the license to be himself. And as you can see, it resulted in the best shot of the day. Look at the poster and judge for yourself…

Let’s be real here. There are many reasons this popular horror franchise has terrified us the world over and these posters are just a few of them. If you weren’t horrified by Chucky as a child, are you even human? To me some dolls are basically terrifying and Chucky is obviously no exception.
Before I leave, look closely… Tyler looks pretty bloody miserable but gorgeous at the same time. The dark and cold simplicity of this poster and the way he is holding the doll evoke the film’s theme of danger and stimulates our imaginations with chilling effect.
And now about the Official Fan Site. I know some of the links are still not working. But everytime you visit, hopefully you will be seeing something new has been added, so that is an incentive to keep visiting Tony BizZ Films. In the meantime, be patient with me a little longer – you will be happy with the end result.


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