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Creepy Short Story

Listen, if you want to scare yourself silly right now, watch this video of “Rose’s Graveyard Tales: Mother Rose“. It is a spine-tingling short horror story for your enjoyment. So grab yourself a cup of something warm and get comfortable with this harrowing tale. Well, maybe not alone, just get yourself another human or better yet, have a furry friend to cuddle up with.
MOTHER ROSE prologue is about a young girl finding herself without control and realizes she may have awoken something sinister. Tony Bizz wrote, produced, directed and also the cinematographer, as well as the editor of this short story. And let’s not forget Edwin Wendler, the music composer. It certainly sounds scary, disturbing and does get under your skin. Creating music for a horror film is definitely an art all by itself. The score for this particular short movie is dark and mysterious and is certainly a great piece of music that stand on its own. 

Rose’s Graveyard Tales Presents “Mother Rose” Episode 0

Now lets not forget Romeo Ortega and Joshua Bates. Their contagious smiles are always energetic. It is always interesting to watch someone having a genuine reaction to something horrifying. We also know the pleasure of seeing raw feelings play out on screen. As usual, they make their reaction and comments engaging. So, what are you waiting for? Check out their channels and you will find entertaining content for their audience. 
Rose’s Graveyard Presents “Mother Rose” Episode 0 – Group REACTION!

Rose’s Graveyard Presents “Mother Rose” Episode 0 – Group REACTION!

I wish everyone well during this challenging time and hope ALL of you keeps safe!

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Oh My God…


This post is about amazing people with incredible talent. Now let’s start with Tony Bizz. He not only gave us the remarkable movie CHARLES – Fan Film but also this terrifying short film series, Rose’s Graveyard Tales. These horror stories will certainly keep you awake at night. Now imagine what kind of a life we would have if everything about it would have a dark twist. Believe me, we wouldn’t get the chance to live a single normal day if that was true. These scary stories are unlike your typical horror. They are short and unexpected, perfect enough to satisfy your craving to watch frightening stories that are not too long. Well, this is what Tony is giving us, the eeriest stories that will scare the living hell out of you but at the same time challenging you to watch them alone in the dark. He is the Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor of these horror tales. You can see he really puts his heart and soul into his projects. Tony is a genuinely talented young man, with a wide range of skills.

Edwin Wendler Composer, the new kid on the block. Believe me, he is certainly not a newcomer in the movie industry. While watching the Teaser Trailer of “Mother Rose”, you can hear the sound of fear building up to the scary moment. This ominous music score heightens suspense and terror. Just the right touch for a horror series about someone or something that is disturbing. It is all about the unknown and if you try to listen to it in the dark, you will definitely not going to sleep. Edwin certainly has the ability to masterfully control our feelings.

Michael Lawrence the Prop Master. If you want to see his amazing work, take a look at the Official Trailer of Charles. By using that nasty spell and incantation, this demonic doll was brought to life, which scared the hell out of all of us. Michael just opened the door to nightmares. He is a genius in animatronic and state of the art. Can’t wait to see what else he has in store for all of us.

Deej O’Connor the Art Director. He is the storyboard artist and creator of some art posters for the movie Charles. His creative vision will certainly give this horror series it’s one of a kind visual identity. He is highly imaginative and passionate about art. What will make all of this interesting to observe is how he will develop the visual storytelling of this creepy series.
Here is the bizarre and twisted Teaser Trailer of Mother Rose. Hope you are looking forward to a night of sleeplessness or enjoy sleeping with the lights on.
Rose’s Graveyard Tales presents Mother Rose

And now for the Teaser Reaction and Breakdown from NIGHTMARECRIPT. No one can do it better than Romeo Ortega. What I love about him is he makes content that everyone can relate to and enjoy! He spends a lot of time editing and he is always eager to learn more. He tries to analyze the things he watches and speculate about the future. He recaps the previous episodes, discuss plot lines and even predict outcomes, it’s great. And yeah, he is also funny. He needs more attention, honestly. Take a look at his video and enjoy…
Rose’s Graveyard Tales Teaser REACTION + BREAKDOWN


 Here is an IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the Charles Team. The movie has been delayed. Believe me, I am disappointed as you are but it is definitely better to be safe rather than sorry. I can reassure you that this movie is definitely worth the wait. The good news is, they will certainly use the extra time to perfect the film. Most movies in Hollywood have been postponed as well and yet, I’ve been reading criticism about Charles doing the same. Something entirely unforeseen occurred and to be honest, it amazes me that some people aren’t taking this virus seriously. Yes, it really sucks that we will be seeing Charles next year but crap does happen. I really feel bad for smart people like Tony and his Team having to go through all of this because of the COVIDIOTS that keeps spreading and not following the guidelines. If you cannot take this seriously, then you are the one with the problem, so people, SMARTEN UP. For more information, go to the Charles Facebook Page.

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