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His Sense Of Humor


Tony Bizz on his Facebook Page, “The world needs to smoke a joint and relax! 😏
This is what Tony wrote on his Facebook Page and I totally agree with him. The world should also take a Chill Pill. All we see are people’s anger, hatred and violence. It is becoming a commonplace in the streets and everywhere now. So come on everyone, take a chill pill because we know ALL of this will someday come to an end. Bring together people from different walks of life and open your hearts and minds during this festive season. It would definitely be a better world if everyone would just get along.
This is what I love about Tony. I go on his Facebook Page all the time because he always puts a smile on my face. I really admire his wonderful sense of humor. No matter the staleness of the joke, his enjoyment of the humor is fresh for each telling. He knows life is hard work and it’s too serious. So he uses his sense of humor with lightness and joy to meet life’s challenges and even all the struggles that goes with it.
Humor does come more easily to some of us than others but we do make choices about how we live our lives. Tony does important work that must be taken seriously but at times, he does not take himself too seriously. What he does is he lighten each day by using humor as an escape. He lives with humor and grace and it brings sparkle to the lives of anyone he interact with each day.
Now lets leave it to Tony Bizz to lighten any stressful situation. Having a great sense of humor is fun and it allows you to laugh about life more than ever before. So thank you Tony for keeping me cheerful and by spreading some of that delight to everyone around you.
My heart hurts about how people are suffering now. Stay safe and stay well everyone!

Please use The Chat Box for any questions you may have or comments, which are important. Do voice your opinions.


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Facts About Chucky

Hello everybody, I’m back and I found some interesting tidbits about the character “Chucky”. He might be small but he is definitely a heavyweight in horror movie villains because he keeps going toe-to-toe with the worst of them.
Now everyone think Chucky is based on Robert The Doll but for some of you who does not know about this creepiest toy in America, here is a few facts about him. People agree about one thing concerning this doll, HE’S TERRIFYING!!!
So far, this is what I found online:
“Ostensibly a little boy in a sailor suit, his careworn face is only vaguely human. His nub of a nose looks like a pair of pinholes. He is covered in brown nicks, like scars. His eyes are beady and black. He wears a malevolent smirk. Clasped in his lap he’s holding his own toy, a dog with garish, popping eyes and a too-big tongue lolling crazily out of its mouth. Robert is haunted and has caused car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce and a cornucopia of other misfortunes.”

Getting good and scared is one thing but getting a curse placed upon your head is quite another… I could go on and on but this post is about Chucky and not this 111 year old doll, who lives at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. There is a lot of information about Robert The Doll online which will give you a better idea about his origins.
Now all I know is Chucky was not inspired by Robert The Doll because I found this about Tom Holland who seemed to have set the record straight:

Ok, who is Tom Holland? He is none other than the writer and director of the original Child’s Play (1988). He is known for directing and being a screenwriter of horror and thriller films. He dedicated himself to scaring the life out of audiences and he is a master in his own right…

Here is something very interesting. Did you know that Chucky’s full name “Charles Lee Ray” is a combination of three Infamous Serial Killers. Charles Manson (who definitely needs no introduction). Lee Harvey Oswald (the sniper who assassinated John F. Kennedy in 1963) and James Earl Ray (the man who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.). No pictures here. I do not want to waste my time and energy on pure evil.
I have also found this about Don Mancini and his first draft, which was originally written as a manifestation of Andy’s Rage. This is what I’ve read, “Don Mancini’s first draft of Child’s Play was called Blood Buddy and didn’t have anything to do with a disembodied “Lakeshore Strangle”. In that version, Andy was a very creepy kid with some serious anger issues. After developing an unhealthy attachment to a doll, his teachers, bullies and even his mother are attacked by a diminutive villain. At first, it’s ambiguous as to whether the doll is doing Andy’s bidding or if Andy’s displacing his actions on an inanimate object; in either scenario the toy is a metaphorical manifestation of the child’s rage.”
You all know who Don Mancini is, the creator of Chucky, God himself and for people to take the original character and make a mockery out of it in a remake is being disrespectful. As far as I can see, the script of the new movie is dreadful and the plot is not producing any excitement. And yes, I will look at it because I need humor in my life and I won’t be searching far for the perfect popcorn flick to laugh with and laugh at.

And after all of this, here is where Tony BizZ comes in. What I love about his movie is that it’s not a remake or even a sequel but the continuation of Chucky, the murderous doll and an attempt to try to stop him – AGAIN. It’s a different story but he goes deeper to the character making him quite darker without reshaping his identity. Tony knows that the dark magic Charles Lee Ray used is a big contributing factor to the doll’s survival, which makes monsters hard to kill. So Tony, you do know that writers always find a way to resurrect a monster, then maybe a sequel, so Chucky can continue to return? No pressure here… Everyone’s Evil Doll is finally back and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting to be Chucky’s best friend again In your movie, “Charles”.

Oh, I am not quite finished here. How about Shannon Morris, the demonic voice of Chucky and of course being Charles Lee Ray!! This young actor knows what he is doing because he understands that a good story is meant to be told over and over again. He is not trying to imitate Brad Dourif but he is not straying too far from it either and by putting some heart into it certainly did the trick. We all know that Brad Dourif is an accomplished actor and I recognized him mostly for his outstanding portrayal of The Gemini Killer in “The Exorcist III (1990). If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you to watch it. Now let me get back on track here to Shannon. When you look at the teaser trailers, you see that doll, this evil thing, just starring with this grin on its face. Then you hear the menacing voice, which blew me away because Shannon went all out as this deranged evildoer. As an actor, he performed his role impeccably and did justice to it. Shannon Morris is paving his way into the entertainment business by perfecting his craft. Playing Charles is not an easy role to pull off but he did with class and his voice just shouts out pure awesome.

That’s it for now, so do come back soon. There will be posting again…


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