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If you want to own the Charles – A Chucky Fan Film on Blu-ray and missed your opportunity the first time, here is a second Indiegogo Campaign to give you another chance. The people behind this amazing movie inspires you to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams and to never give up, despite the circumstances. Creativity has a lot to do with doing the most that you can with very little and they proved it when they did this movie. When the Official Trailer came out, it exceeded their wildest expectations. Soon after, their Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube went crazy and everyone wanted to know more about this film and the people behind it. Telling you that dreams do come true may sound worn-out but it is nothing but the truth. These people are the proof of that. Many things have changed for them, but what did not, is the passion for creating and that’s what this film represents to them. Now they need more time and help with the Post Production Stage, so let us make this become easier for ALL of them. We know something good is coming out but they can’t make it alone. Here is where we come in… they need our support and our help to make their dream once again a reality. Please donate and help them achieve their goal. Who would have thought that making a Chucky Fan Film would have unleashed all of the great things that is happening in their lives! Our help will continue to bring their ideas, thoughts and dreams to life. So take a risk and that leap of faith and be part of the family…

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