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Mitch Francis

Mitch Francis is a versatile and skilled filmmaker with a wide array of styles. It is exciting to find such a young, fresh talent, who has natural ability and a fierce hard working attitude. He puts in countless hours and is not afraid to experiment. He has the greatness and ability to innovate with intelligence and exceptional creativity. Now he is not only tinkering with cameras but also editing footage. We all know that Mitch Francis will be as comfortable in the edit suite as he is behind the camera. Check out his website Cinemagic Pictures for more of his wonderful work.
Here is a video of Mitch Francis breakdown of Charles Movie Clip. As Mitch says in the video, there is movie magic in it and he will explain all the practical technics they used for this scene. I am excited to see what else Mitch Francis has in store for all of us.

Charles Workshop Scene Breakdown
Now you will be able to see the behind the scenes footage of the Charles Movie Clip. Mitch Francis lets the images speak for themselves and by getting the team to work together, they will be making this film look fresh and natural. This multitalented young director will certainly take the world by storm. 
Behind The Scenes from Charles – A Chucky Fan Film “WORKSHOP MOVIE CLIP”
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