Congratulations To A Well-Deserved Group Of People

For Your Achievement And Success

The result of hard work, strong dedication and courage certainly deserves a sincere and warm congratulations. This page is dedicated to the team behind the movie, "Charles - A Chucky Fan Film".

Executive Producer - Writer - Co-Director - Editor
Co-Director - Director of Photography - Screenwriter

Producer - Music Composer​
Producer - SFX Artist - Prop Master

We all recognized your efforts and the time you all took the risk to get somewhere. You followed through and pushed towards your hopes and dreams. I'm sure when you first started, your goal seemed nothing more than a wish, which is now your reality. By setting up your goal, you found your path to get to your achievement.
"The journey is the reward." ~ Chinese Proverb
True, but when you achieve that goal, you are not the same person as when you first started. All the steps you took for achieving that goal and the experience you gained from it, certainly changed each and everyone of you. That is why your journey is so rewarding.
You are also an inspiration to all the young filmmakers out there. You took a classic horror cult film and made it your own but most important of all, you brought the real Chucky back. How can you not be inspired by all of this? Besides being low budget and with a small crew, it shows that a lot of money or people are not needed to create this remarkable film. It all boils down to this, you can accomplish any goal that you set to achieve, so never give up completing the things you want to accomplish. Big or small, it really doesn't matter. Always stay grounded in the goal you are setting and the actions you have taken because by doing so, you will find ways to stimulate your growth and to aim even higher. This is their message and their encouragement to the aspiring young filmmakers, to embark on your own creative journeys and to be dedicated and willing to put lots of thoughts and practice into your craft.
Now that congratulations is in order and well deserved for achieving your goal, the question is this, "Now What? A sequel?" I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking about this. But let's be realistic here. What they need to take after all of this is a break and to celebrate saying, "We did it". Allow yourselves to bask in the glory of your achievements before setting your next milestone. Always recognize the tremendous strides you've made from where you all used to be. Remember this, when you start feeling frustrated, take a moment to stop and look around you and what you have all accomplished. Believe me, it will be an instant reality check. Always find new ways to feel good about the things you have achieved.
Again, congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure!

CHARLES - A Chucky Fan Film!

As Charles Lee Ray / Chucky's Voice​

And a special THANK YOU to Shannon Morris for providing the voice of Chucky. It was difficult because this character is more enigmatic than others. But you nailed it by getting at the heart of that character's traits and backstory. You have created a realistic and dependable character that we already love. You have given a strong voice to Charles, which is the main focus of the story and in doing so, you created a distinctive voice. So you did justice to it and at the same time, you had fun with it. I am happy to see your hard work finally paid off. Again thank you for selflessly committing your time and by giving your best every single day.

Just listen to his voice and you will know exactly what I am talking about...
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'CHARLES' Behind The Scenes Teaser Trailer
Posted On July 30th, 2019