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I feel privileged to witness Tony and his Team's amazing achievements. Their pursuit of hard work, strong devotion, proficiency and deep love of the arts makes all of them a new driving force in the entertainment world.

We are glad you are here.
  He has been waiting for you.
  Gather around, the ritual is about to start.
Chucky will be here soon.

"Charles” is a whole new reimagining of Chucky. The feature length movie follows Michael and Samantha who just moved into a new house. Little do they know, the Lakeshore Strangler Charles Lee Ray lived in the house before his death six months earlier. The couple eventually finds a nostalgic Good Guy Doll in their basement that wants something from them and will stop at nothing to get it.
“Charles” looks to put Chucky on the map as one of the scariest horror icons again. The movie will be a horrific rollercoaster, with similar styles to “The Conjuring”, “Annabelle” and “The Haunting of Hill House”.
With an intense, suspenseful story, cinematic visuals, authentic hand-made dolls and a beautifully frightening music score, “Charles” will make Chucky scary again.