One More Prank

So, at the crew meeting, they were discussing about Chucky’s next move. Personally, if it was up to me, I would put him back in its box and bury it deep in the ground and not talk about it – EVER! Well, that’s a little bit harsh, considering how popular he is. To be honest, I do love the Chucky franchise. So far, it is the only series that has the ability to adjust and change and over the years, the franchise has evolved while continuing keeping its basic roots intact. Don Mancini created Chucky and has kept its core elements in place for 30 years. You do have to respect the man for this kind of achievement.
And now about this video. Well, everyone are getting themselves ready to prank poor Shannon… again! He really does look annoyed but hey, wouldn’t you! Ever since filming the movie, Tony and the others as well, picked on him. I am not saying this in a bad way because I’ve been a victim and playing pranks on people. Some pranks can fall on the annoying side of the equation but not these. It’s all in fun and these pranks are harmless. Shannon has a good sense of humor and all it did was induce an eye-roll and a few laughs, which was definitely worthwhile.

More Short Stories

Do we ever grow up? Probably not because we can never stop playing pranks. So instead of getting bored, Tony played a few pranks on Shannon to keep things interesting. Here are more short stories about the director of Charles, who often played pranks on Shannon.
He mentioned Tony would hide throughout the house and as soon as Shannon came close, he would spring out and freak him out! I am sure Shannon never expected to see Tony in different places just to scare him. Now, there were times when he was in a deep sleep and Tony would slowly creep up to him until he is practically breathing down on Shannon, then releasing a guttural, terrifying howl. Just watching Shannon jump five feet in the air probably put a smile on Tony.
Again in his sleep… with that demonic doll… holding the knife… just waiting for the right moment… Yea, another prank from Tony, using this evil toy. By making some noises, Shannon would wake up from his sleep and one look at that notorious slasher made him jump out of the bed looking damn scared. We all know you enjoyed that moment Tony and had a good laugh just by looking at Shannon’s scared face!
That house, remember the one you see in the Official Trailer Of Charles! It might look beautiful on the outside but apparently, this old house creeped out Shannon and of course, Tony took advantage of that. He knew how Shannon felt but that didn’t stop him. He wanted to do something special… Hiding again, he would make footsteps sound that scared the shit out of Shannon, so unfortunately, he froze. He let it register for a few seconds, then once he realized what was going on and who was behind it, he calmed down and went to his room to hide until daylight. Way to go Tony… sometimes, people are scarier than ghosts!
There’s no fun without any laughter and harmless pranks. After all, who doesn’t like a witty and funny boss.

About This Doll

 Here I am againnnnn! Sorry for the late entry but I do have a good reason. I have been scammed and now, I am trying to get my life back. Believe me, it’s no easy task. I am trying to restore some feeling of control and self esteem. I am taking my time to soak in what happened and learn from it and then, to move forward. These cyber crimes are on the rise and it will not end any time soon. You can go to Tony’s Latest Info for the whole story.
Now that’s settled, let’s change the topic…
This photo was posted on the Charles – Fan Film Page and it was written, “Dead silence…” Okay, things that are unique and cute can be horrifying to some people, especially dolls and I am talking about this one in particular. Chucky is one of the scariest dolls of all time and I do mean of all time. In this picture, he is staring into your soul and is trying to figure out how to kill you.
Look at the exaggerated expression. He looks happy, way too happy. Manson happy. The more I think about it, I can still hear Shannon’s voice in the Official Trailer and I’ve gotten some good scares hearing him and it’s terrifying! Believe me, this is something you’d never want to come across for real because it means pain is coming. That’s how good and convincing Shannon is. All it offers to the person listening to the voice is bad news.
Again, another photo from the Charles – Fan Film Page and underneath, it says, “On the set with Shannon Morris. This man put his blood, sweat & pain into playing the character Charles Lee Ray. Hard working man here! Can’t wait to start this next film project with you!” Wow, a Charles sequel, maybe? That would be so cool. Regardless, Tony has picked the right person for his next movie. I truly believe that Shannon’s experience with this film will definitely aid him in the future. He will certainly have a great career ahead of him. Oh, almost forgot, Shannon will be going back to Rhode Island to do some ADR recording. Hope there will be photos or videos, so we can see what he does best.
Of what I’ve heard from Shannon, he mentioned some funny little anecdotes about Tony Bizz, the creator and director of the movie “Charles”, playing pranks on him with the animatronic puppet. Wow, this inanimate doll coming to life would scare the daylights out of me. When I look at Charles glassy eyes, it reflect images of unspeakable horror. Doing voice over and seeing the actual puppet in front of you are two different things. Chucky means only bad news and probably… a death or two.
Gees, just imagine Shannon waking up with this thing standing beside his bedside table… I wonder if he could sleep again. Didn’t you hear the tiny footsteps entering the room? You do know he can still cause mayhem! Don’t mind me, I’m not a huge fan of dolls, they just creep me out. Of what I’ve read on the internet, a fear of dolls is known as pediophobia, which is closely related to a fear of puppets. Well, that pretty much sums it up. All I can say is there’s something slightly off about dolls. It’s that “offness” I can’t quite put my finger on that creeps me out.