Charles Says – Don’t Lose It!

The COVID-19 virus is rising every day and reading the news on a daily basis can certainly be panic-inducing. Life as we know it has come to a halt for millions of people and we do need to take the situation seriously. But at the same time, we also need to laugh, to have at least a few moments without stress, just a reminder that there is always something to smile about.
People have flooded the internet with jokes about the coronavirus and it’s because we have to maintain our sense of humor no matter what. We all want to encourage people to stay home, so why not entertain all of you. Now scroll down and enjoy yourself…






Stay safe everyone, so we can all make it out of this alright.


Charles Post Production

Everyone knows by now about the Charles Fan Film Campaign. Please help Tony and his team meet their goal and donate. If you can’t fund them, it’s OK… you can still help by spreading the news and getting the word out there. Remember, the fans have the power to make this come true. When you are contributing to this film, you are also supporting the wonderful actors who are donating their time to be part of this remarkable movie. The Charles Fan Film need more family members because knowing everyone is behind them from the very beginning will certainly help fuel their fire. Help support this amazing film and join their campaign today.
The Blu-rays comes with a 2×2 custom ARTWORK by storyboard artist D.J. O’Conner, a decal sticker of Chucky as seen above. The artist is certainly showing a skillful hand with lots of imagination and you can see a lot of passion was put into it. A very talented artist and when you look at the sticker, there is a subtle sense of humor that shows through his entire design.

Just a warning, there are dangerous curves below!

Here is Rosi Jegani as “Tiffany Valentine” on the set with director Tony Bizz. I am sure she will blow us away with her performance and she is certainly gorgeous and charming. Rosi has a seductive look and she will definitely gain the spotlight with her hot appeal and beauty. You want some motivation to get your career sorted out or just need to feel better about yourself, check out these wonder women in Charles. Now that is some inspiration for all of us! You are in for some serious girl power, so be prepared!
Now here is the one and only Shannon Morris aka Charles. What is great about this movie is that Chucky is unstoppable. Shannon’s voice nailed it so great that you will love to listen to him more. Now, if you are prepared to hear him, just keep your eyes away from the screen if you really want to believe. He simply is the Charles and he makes him sound more lethal and dangerous. Shannon has a natural gift for voice over and he is constantly stretching and improving his skills. If you are interested in creating a voice over career, take a look at Shannon and you will feel inspired to work hard and reach your full potential.
When Tony says “Every dollar counts”, he is not kidding. It really doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, it all goes into this Fan Film. All they want to do is make the best movie you will ever see. And now, their biggest constrain is money. But if you can help them out, contribute to this film or SHARE this with as many people as you can to help them bring their vision to life. Only you can make this happen! Look at the Official Trailer again, Tony is showing everyone the quality of the team members he has around him and the standard he is focusing on with this film. Believe me, by helping, you will be making the end product that much better!

Charles Supporters

If you know anything about the Chucky Franchise, then you know it takes a lot to play the character Charles Lee Ray and on top of it all, voicing Chucky. We all know it’s a big undertaking but Shannon is the perfect choice for this role that requires a deranged mentality and the capacity to pass on inner pain. He is bringing something threatening to the role, so he will be showing the fans something they’ve never seen before. As you can see from the picture, Shannon even shaved his head to wear a wig and then the makeup department gave him a drastically different look. He is taking his role seriously, so he didn’t mind going to the extreme.
If you want to see Shannon delivering an amazing performance, you can purchase a copy of “Charles – A Chucky Fan Film” through the Indiegogo Post Production. Also, Tony and his team need your help to make this movie reach its full potential. They are right now in the middle of the Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds about this amazing movie so they can improve the quality of their work. Please donate so they can move forward towards their goal. Be part of Charles Family and go to Charles Fan Film – Post Production and together we can make this happen!
Now let’s talk about these two YouTube channels and the people behind them.

Here is Romeo with his friend ’till the end

 The first one is Nightmarecript, owned and operated by Romeo M. Devinyard Ortega. If you want to know more about this talented young man, click these links from my blog, Nightmarecript Youtuber and Talented Young Men. His channel offers insightful analyses of the Charles movie. Check out his latest video with more information about Chucky the Fan Film.
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) IndieGOGO Blu-Rays Now Available Again + Release Date Info! 

And now meet Joshua Bates also known as Damn Dude… 

 Joshua manages Damn Dude Industries. His channel is basically about Chucky, games and horror contents. Each video showcases his personality and they are enjoyable to watch because of his undeniable enthusiasm. Joshua conveys a fun-loving atmosphere by creating videos he actually enjoys. So basically, his videos stands out by providing the perfect mix of fun and information. In the below video, he gives his viewers his review and breakdown of the movie Charles. He is really fun to watch because of his high energy approach on screen.
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Official Trailer REACTION / BREAKDOWN! 

Double Trouble

Here Is the director Tony Bizz with his lead actor “Charles”, voiced and played by Shannon Morris. They are having White Castle. How cozy, so tell me, do you think Chucky is trying to kill Tony by poisoning the food? Only Shannon knows as he maintain his bond with this possessed, evil doll.
Speaking of Double Trouble, I can hear Shannon doing the voice for both dolls and that would be awesome. I say this with total sincerity, I’ve known this young man from the very beginning of filming this movie and I realize how amazing and unmistakable Shannon is in this role and how lucky Tony and his team were to get him. His vocal performance is very similar to Brad Dourif and it fills me with the same level of admiration and affection.
Ok, I can see Double Trouble again but not in a cute way this time. Charles (both of them) looks evil in this picture. But what do you expect, Tony finally brought back the old Chucky for ALL of us to enjoy. And on top of it all, the same voice as in the franchise came with it. Seeing the Official Trailer, it gave us a taste of the havoc this Chucky will wreak. It also shows us how dangerous this toy turns out to be and we can see death and destruction following in his wake. Shannon did an amazing job with his sinister tone, dripping with evil. Hearing his voice in the trailer sounded like he just crawled out of hell and was ready to start burning people alive and that means anyone who got in his way.
Child’s Play is a horror franchise that actually aged well and without a doubt, worth treasuring. So the movie “Charles” has a lot to live up to. I do have to give Tony and his team an A+ for finding a very talented cast who brings their roles to life in a very entertaining manner. And Shannon Morris will be delivering standout performances in this film. Afterall, he has a deep connection to this demonic doll, I mean, “friends ’till the end”…