The Transformation

I am sure some of you remembers the blurred picture on one of Shannon’s entry. In fact it’s the one called, The Person Behind Charles. Well to make things easier, here is again the photo… 

And now, I am showing you the original… 

In the photo below, Shannon is ready to undergo a dramatic transformation for his role as Charles Lee Ray. 

We have all seen this beautiful Poster of this amazing actor playing the part of a psycho who delights in putting his victims through elaborate and deadly traps. 

Shannon has been so dedicated to transforming himself in his role. It was very important to look as much like Charles Lee Ray. As for portraying this character, most of it came from the inside. As an actor, Shannon knows he has some level of obligation to his fans to change, to give them something different and something new. I am sure his astonishing transition he has gone through in this film will leave an impression on audiences. 

Shannon’s transformation from Charles Lee Ray to a pint-size Good Guy doll is so powerful. In a matter of seconds, he turns from a human serial killer into a fearsome villain, unleashing his blood lust and marking a new reign of terror from this doll he used as a conduit. Now here is a photo of the Lakeshore Strangler, a horror icon, in his human form… 

Chucky pointed out with this remark in SEED OF CHUCKY (2004), “If this is what it takes to be human, then I’d rather take my chances as a supernaturally-possessed doll! It’s much less complicated! Think about it! What’s so great about being human? You get sick! You get old! As a doll, I’m infamous!”


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