Behind The Scenes Photos

Based on these photographs, the cast and crew had the best time when the camera weren’t rolling. We see them being very serious while filming the movie “Charles” but by looking at these pictures, we are seeing what they are actually doing during their breaks. Take a look at these behind the scenes and enjoy! 





Michael Lawrence

Let’s face it, dolls are creepy as hell, particularly the old ones. Their glassy eyes reflect memories of unspeakable terror but yet their faces remain blank and full of content. The one in this picture is no exception. Charles is waiting to terrify the crap out of you and we have Michael Lawrence to thank for this. Believe me, this doll, which host an evil spirit of a deceased maniac, is not meant to give you a big hug – only to murder you. Michael is responsible for creating this demonic kids’ toy, so the more realistic it is, the more believable it is and the more terrifying it is. All the scenes we have seen so far from Charles Fan Film, they created an environment where the audience are encountering a ticking time bomb. They let the tension build and at the point when you leap out from one side of the frame, you are caught off-guard and you go ballistic. Charles was an empty shell until it was filled with evil. It was a vessel for a tormentor from hell to take over. Just think, when you look at a doll’s eyes, it just stares at you and if that is not creepy enough, then I don’t know what is. They are empty inside and that space needs to be filled up. Now everytime I look at Charles with a big butcher knife, I know there is an impending death on the way. Don Mancini made this doll in a most horrific way. What Michael did was giving us Charles that aimed to send us shivers by planting a chilling introduction to the frightfulness that is standing by. So take a trip to Michael Lawrence YouTube Channel and hope you make it back unscarred.
Charles is voiced by Shannon Ray Morris, who is pictured above. With his nasty attitude, Shannon continues to scare audiences. The voice is extremely threatening and he made Chucky an unstoppable menace that we all love and remember. He made this villain his own by making him without a doubt more sinister. He enjoys bringing a source of dread he instills in this character. Shannon might not be a household name yet, but we will always be happy or should I say terrified to hear his voice as Charles.
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My Favorite YouTubers

I always said that Chucky is a biter and this movie proved it. Poor Michael Miller played by “Tyler Falcoa”, being attacked by none other than Charles. Tyler’s commitment to the role is all the more jaw-dropping. His priceless reaction, a mix of fear and confusion, is exactly what he brings to the table. And now Charles played by “Shannon Ray Morris”. He brings a whole new definition of “terror”. His voice can scare and give you a sense of doom crawling up the back of your neck. In the movie clip, you can see Charles’ madness and monstrosities and this is what happens when someone jumps into his role with deranged rage. So hold on tight everyone when you watch this clip because it is a helluva bumpy ride. 

Charles – A Chucky Fan Film “WORKSHOP MOVIE CLIP”


Let’s talk about my favorite YouTubers, Romeo Ortega (NIGHTMARECRIPT) and Joshua BATES (DAMN DUDE INDUSTRIES. What I love about these channels are every time they upload a video, they bring out their own take on horror. They truly go inside and out with their thoughts in a very open-minded way. Besides being funny and energetic, they show real passion and their thoughts and reactions are brilliant. Basically, we feel we are all part of that connection as well. Below are their reaction videos of Charles Movie Clip – you do not want to miss this…
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Good Guys Workshop Movie Clip Reaction / Breakdown Ft @NIGHTMARECRIPT

Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Good Guys Workshop Movie Clip Reaction / Breakdown Ft @DAMN DUDE INDUSTRIES


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