Shannon Morris



Birthday: May 21, 1988
Born At: University Of Louisville Hospital
Nationality: American
Also Known As: Shannon Ray Morris
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Current City: Lebanon Junction, Kentucky
Relationship: Single
Famous As: Actor and Voice Actor


Father: William Brown
Mother: Carolyn (Morris) Brown


Shannon is an actor and a voice actor, someone who provides his voice in various work like feature films, television programs, commercials, radios, audio dramas, etc,… He is known for Truly, Madly (2019), Crazy Fat Ethel (2019) and Charles (2020). He has the ability to bring something somewhat unique to a role, that makes him intriguing to watch. He held on to acting because he loves it but his true passion is doing voice overs. He enjoys mimicking and creating characters.
When he gets to step up behind the microphone, it’s an opportunity for him to let out the entirety of the voices and characters stores up inside. To Shannon, it brings both a wonderful feeling of freedom and creativity and when everything clicks together it’s astounding. He takes satisfaction in how his voice talents are utilized and how they represent him as an entertainer. He enjoys creating voice work and he loves and cares about his craft. Despite the fact he is still young to the entertainment industry, Shannon has already carved a niche for himself. He is stepping his very own way in show business and is a source of inspiration to many young talents.