A Message From Shannon

We are catching Shannon in a moment where he is overwhelmed by the response of so many people to a movie he is involved with and it means a lot to him. We all know what this film is about and I always said that dolls can be scary as hell. I have seen so many creepy-ass dolls lying around for years and they always scare the living shit out of me. After looking at the Official Trailer Of Charles, believe me, you do not want this doll lurking around in your house. It is possessed by an evil soul imprisoned in that toy. And of course, it goes around killing people in the most brutal ways. It’s never a good thing when a toy comes to life when it is taken over by the spirit of a serial killer hellbent on chaos. Shannon’s performance is so convincing, the laugh and the tone of voice perfects the dreadful insanity of this iconic character.