A New Poster

This poster from Shannon’s new movie looks amazing. It was made by Tony Bizz, the creator Of “Charles” for NightBlade Studios upcoming horror fan film. It looks so creepy, menacing and it’s startlingly scary, dominated by the disturbing visage of Jason. The words itself is certainly maintaining the horrifying mystery of this “thing”.

Let’s see something different here…

Can you see any resemblance?
You must do ALL you can to protect yourselves and others. Good luck to all!

Mother Rose Poster

Sorry about the delay everyone but my PC is being quite weird so I am using it only when I really need it, just in case it gets worse. For now, I am using my iPad, which is also slowly dying on me. Now let’s see what we have here…
Look at this poster of “Mother Rose”, creepy and mysterious. It is startlingly scary and dominated by the child’s face with cold eyes. A nightmarish scenario with an ominous figure behind the young girl. It is certainly a bone-chilling poster and enough to give anyone a sleepless night. As for me, it just gave me the heebie-jeebies.
As you already know, Shannon is involved in this project. He did it again, with this series you can hear his ominous and chilling voice that is scaring us to the bone. It is frightful and have you wondering if you locked your doors. His voice is all around weird and tells you of the darkness that you are about to descend into. He sounds downright savage with every sentence and that makes him a phenomenal actor, that goes without saying.
Here is Joshua Bates from DAMN DUDE INDUSTRIES. See his Reaction and Breakdown of “Mother Rose”. He is another Youtuber who deserves recognition. Sometimes you will hear him scream or grimace at contents from a video that already terrified you. His reactions are genuine with full-on emotions and sometimes it will leave you gawking at your computer screen. He is also himself and honest and communicates with a positive manner. Joshua not only reacts to his videos but also discuss and explain the subject of each one of them. “Joshua, you did a remarkable job with this video. I love it! Keep up the great work”. Here is his awesome video,

Rose’s Graveyard Tales | REACTION & BREAKDOWN | EP 0: Mother Rose Teaser Trailer

This creepy photo certainly gives you the chills but the words are even more horrifying…


Be well everyone. We will survive the Covid-19 pandemic!