Online Challenges

During isolation, stunt people have been producing epic video challenges and some are quite impressive. These videos are showing you can still have some fun even during quarantine. Check them out online because they are certainly showing us how amazing these movie and TV Stunt People are. You do not want to miss this…

Shannon After Being Punched In The Face

In the meantime, take a look at this video Tony and some friends did to entertain all of us. It is short and simple and what you see are some of them jump up to kick or punch the camera, with the next person on screen pretending to fall over at the impact. It’s quite hilarious and entertaining. So go ahead, take a look…
Tony And Friends
Here is another challenge for everyone, try The Invisible Box Stunt. The goal is to imagine a box in front of you and record yourself stepping on top of it. It’s harder than it sounds. I know, this trick seems to go back a while, but who cares, just challenge a family member or friends and have some fun. It’s just to keep you busy and enjoying yourself at the same time.
Twitter Tries Cheerleaders Viral Invisible Box Trick