My Favorite YouTubers

I always said that Chucky is a biter and this movie proved it. Poor Michael Miller played by “Tyler Falcoa”, being attacked by none other than Charles. Tyler’s commitment to the role is all the more jaw-dropping. His priceless reaction, a mix of fear and confusion, is exactly what he brings to the table. And now Charles played by “Shannon Ray Morris”. He brings a whole new definition of “terror”. His voice can scare and give you a sense of doom crawling up the back of your neck. In the movie clip, you can see Charles’ madness and monstrosities and this is what happens when someone jumps into his role with deranged rage. So hold on tight everyone when you watch this clip because it is a helluva bumpy ride. 

Charles – A Chucky Fan Film “WORKSHOP MOVIE CLIP”


Let’s talk about my favorite YouTubers, Romeo Ortega (NIGHTMARECRIPT) and Joshua BATES (DAMN DUDE INDUSTRIES. What I love about these channels are every time they upload a video, they bring out their own take on horror. They truly go inside and out with their thoughts in a very open-minded way. Besides being funny and energetic, they show real passion and their thoughts and reactions are brilliant. Basically, we feel we are all part of that connection as well. Below are their reaction videos of Charles Movie Clip – you do not want to miss this…
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Good Guys Workshop Movie Clip Reaction / Breakdown Ft @NIGHTMARECRIPT

Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Good Guys Workshop Movie Clip Reaction / Breakdown Ft @DAMN DUDE INDUSTRIES


Stay safe and positive. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

One More Prank

So, at the crew meeting, they were discussing about Chucky’s next move. Personally, if it was up to me, I would put him back in its box and bury it deep in the ground and not talk about it – EVER! Well, that’s a little bit harsh, considering how popular he is. To be honest, I do love the Chucky franchise. So far, it is the only series that has the ability to adjust and change and over the years, the franchise has evolved while continuing keeping its basic roots intact. Don Mancini created Chucky and has kept its core elements in place for 30 years. You do have to respect the man for this kind of achievement.
And now about this video. Well, everyone are getting themselves ready to prank poor Shannon… again! He really does look annoyed but hey, wouldn’t you! Ever since filming the movie, Tony and the others as well, picked on him. I am not saying this in a bad way because I’ve been a victim and playing pranks on people. Some pranks can fall on the annoying side of the equation but not these. It’s all in fun and these pranks are harmless. Shannon has a good sense of humor and all it did was induce an eye-roll and a few laughs, which was definitely worthwhile.