Charles Lee Ray

I love this photo! It’s eye-catching, it’s subtle and easily burns itself into the viewer’s memory. It is visually a powerful image of the movie “Charles”. Everytime I look at this picture, I feel a shiver running through me. The intense gaze is full of hatred and contempt and it’s like staring at the eyes of the devil. If you want to hear more of Shannon Morris amazing performance, take a look at the Charles Official Trailer. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.
You’ve all heard the saying, “I’ll believe it when I hear it”? Well, Shannon certainly sound impeccable and everytime I hear that voice, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. He put a lot of heart and soul into it and it shows. I don’t know about you but I am still having chills just talking about it.

It’s a very worrying time for all of us. Be safe and stay in good health and hopefully, the coronavirus pandemic will soon be over.