Big Announcements

Here is the status of Shannon Morris upcoming project. He has given a nod to this one, so for more details from the makers of this Fan Film, go to NightBlade Studios.
Rose’s Graveyard Tales will be presenting Mother Rose on Halloween and you can watch it on YouTube. You will have the option to participate on all of the creepiness of October 31st when you get 30 minutes to yourself!

Stay healthy and we will get through this.

Charles Supporters

If you know anything about the Chucky Franchise, then you know it takes a lot to play the character Charles Lee Ray and on top of it all, voicing Chucky. We all know it’s a big undertaking but Shannon is the perfect choice for this role that requires a deranged mentality and the capacity to pass on inner pain. He is bringing something threatening to the role, so he will be showing the fans something they’ve never seen before. As you can see from the picture, Shannon even shaved his head to wear a wig and then the makeup department gave him a drastically different look. He is taking his role seriously, so he didn’t mind going to the extreme.
If you want to see Shannon delivering an amazing performance, you can purchase a copy of “Charles – A Chucky Fan Film” through the Indiegogo Post Production. Also, Tony and his team need your help to make this movie reach its full potential. They are right now in the middle of the Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds about this amazing movie so they can improve the quality of their work. Please donate so they can move forward towards their goal. Be part of Charles Family and go to Charles Fan Film – Post Production and together we can make this happen!
Now let’s talk about these two YouTube channels and the people behind them.

Here is Romeo with his friend ’till the end

 The first one is Nightmarecript, owned and operated by Romeo M. Devinyard Ortega. If you want to know more about this talented young man, click these links from my blog, Nightmarecript Youtuber and Talented Young Men. His channel offers insightful analyses of the Charles movie. Check out his latest video with more information about Chucky the Fan Film.
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) IndieGOGO Blu-Rays Now Available Again + Release Date Info! 

And now meet Joshua Bates also known as Damn Dude… 

 Joshua manages Damn Dude Industries. His channel is basically about Chucky, games and horror contents. Each video showcases his personality and they are enjoyable to watch because of his undeniable enthusiasm. Joshua conveys a fun-loving atmosphere by creating videos he actually enjoys. So basically, his videos stands out by providing the perfect mix of fun and information. In the below video, he gives his viewers his review and breakdown of the movie Charles. He is really fun to watch because of his high energy approach on screen.
Charles (Chucky Fan Film) Official Trailer REACTION / BREAKDOWN!