The Team

The People Behind Charles Movie

They are huge fans of Chucky and of movies! This friendly non-profit fan film has been created with so much heart and passion for the fans of the Child’s Play franchise and horror movies in general. They are celebrating over 30 years of Chucky and they wanted to pay homage to writer and director DON MANCINI for creating such an iconic character, CHUCKY.

Tony Bizz is a film director, producer, editor and audio engineer. He was born and raised in the Bronx, New York City and now lives in Rhode Island. Luis attended Elementary School C.S.211 in the Bronx and went to Central High in Providence, RI. He self taught himself the basics of recording audio and video and in time became known locally for his style of creativity he created. Tony has been a film maker and audio engineer for over 13 years.
As for the movie CHARLES, he is the one who started this project. After writing the story, he brought a team together that had the talent to pull this movie off. He leads the way with a drive and passion to deliver the best Chucky movie this team can.

Mitch was brought onto this project early for his cinematic style. The award nominated filmmaker is
able to create beautiful visuals and drive a story forward with his creative and cinematic style. He is a writer and director, known for Charles (2019), Deep Breaths (2016) and Tyler & Ryan: Distraction (2018).

Mike brings a fire to the team and won’t settle for anything less than perfect. He works to get all the gears going to make this project succeed. Along with producing, he is also creating the music for “Charles”. His beautifully haunting scores will send shivers up your spine. Mike is a composer and producer, known for Insomnia (2017), Guarded (music video) (2018)
and Charles (2019).

This production was bumped up to the next level
when Michael was brought on board. His custom
made dolls are better than any other. Also, he is creating animatronic Chucky dolls and is in charge
of all of the special effects and making all of the
props. Because of him, this film will have practical effects and less CGI. Michael is known for his work
on Charles (2019) as a producer, special effects
and visual effects.

Check out their filmography at IMDb.